How to Create a 360-Degree Product Shot Using a Turntable

With many online selling platforms now presenting rotating images of products, knowing how to create a 360-degree shot might be an important addition to your business. This excellent tutorial shows you a very simple and affordable setup.

This insightful video from Dustin Dolby of workphlo shows you how to get smart results from a basic and inexpensive selection of gear. While he’s a seasoned product photographer, Dolby by his own admission is relatively new to creating these 360-degree product shots but evidently he has a workflow that’s efficient and effective.

One of Dolby’s best tips is to ensure that your product is completely free of dirt and dust before starting as retouching potentially hundreds of photographs could be something of a nightmare. As you’d expect, B&H Photo has a ton of products for getting rid of dust, most of which are fairly cheap. 

The key piece of gear here is the Miops CAPSULE360 which seems to do a reasonable job for $239, though there are plenty of alternatives, such as this ORANGEMONKIE Foldio360 Smart Turntable for $139. Both are significantly cheaper than the smallest Ortery PhotoCapture 360 turntable which will set you back $1,600.

What other tips would you offer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nicholas Tinsley's picture

Thanks for the share! Just a quick FYI: your product links are mismatched. The "CAPSULE360" isn't linked at all, and the Foldio360 is linked to the CAPSULE360 listing.

Andy Day's picture

Argh. Apologies. Thanks for the heads up.