How to Light and Shoot a White Product on a White Background

A white product on a white background is a very common and popular look in product photography and a fantastic challenge for any photographer looking to improve their lighting and post-processing skills. This great video will teach you how to light, shoot, and edit a white product on a white background.

Coming to you from Martin Botvidsson, this helpful video shows how to light, shoot, and post-process a white product on a white background. This is a very common look, as it provides a very clean and crisp look that emphasizes the product well. And like most product photography, it is a great way to really hone your lighting and problem-solving skills. Even if you do not shoot products, the techniques you practice will likely help you elsewhere, and now is a great time to grab a product or two and try shooting them while you are at home to keep your skills sharp. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Johnny Rico's picture

Front of the Product is under exposed. This is what happens when you are not flagging the direct reflection or working with gradient falloff on your seamless.