Photographing a Black Product on a Black Background

Product photography is a fun genre that will challenge you to really fine-tune your lighting and post-processing skills. This excellent video will show you the process of building up an eye-catching image of a black product on a black background.

Coming to you from Karl Taylor, this great video will show you how he creates a black-on-black product shot, as he builds it up light by light and explains the role each detail plays. I am always impressed by the attention to detail that goes into product work, and Taylor really shows it here by carefully crafting every last detail down to the gradient of the rim light. It might seem like a minute issue, but product work is all about developing an excellent eye for detail and controlling every last highlight to build up the final shot as a sum of all those parts. It is a great genre to practice that will benefit your lighting skills in many other areas. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Taylor.

And if you are interested in learning more about product photography, be sure to check out "The Hero Shot: How To Light And Composite Product Photography With Brian Rodgers Jr.!"

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Benoit .'s picture

Question for Karl. How did you invert the screw that hold your tripod head on your Foba stand extansion? Mine won't screw off to flip it.

Tom Nelson's picture

This is SO much easier in the digital age!

David Vendryes's picture

Yessssss!!!!! The young ones think you get paid because you have the latest version of Photoshup.