The Road to Success as a Photographer Is Difficult

Getting started in freelance photography can feel like getting on a road you've never taken before and hoping if you drive on it long enough, you'll reach your destination. This great video examines how to deal with the anxiety and expectations you'll experience on your way.

Coming to you from Sean Tucker, this great video talks about the journey to becoming a successful photographer and what "success" even is and why your definition of that word is critical to its realization and your own fulfillment. I think one of the most salient points Tucker mentions is to not get caught up in the sheen of social media and YouTube as it relates to your favorite photographers. The truth is that even the most successful among us are still working very hard every day, and the grind rarely (if ever) lets up. Beyond that, it's so important not to place your self-satisfaction as a creative in the hands of others, which is all too easy to do in the age of the like and follower counts. As Tucker mentions, if you obsess over the idea of success in those terms, you will never be successful (as measured internally). Be sure to check out Tucker's new book here.

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