Running Your Photography Business: Podcast with Lindsey Pantaleo

The nice folks at TogTools are continuing their Fstoppers series with Lindsey Pantaleo! Giving new and emerging photographers the chance to hear it from the pros on all aspects of the fast growing photography industry, these podcasts are a bevy of information. In addition to Lee Morris and now Lindsey, many of the Fstoppers staff writers and contributers will be interviewed in this series by the wonderful TogTools founders Stephen and Jess Robertson over the next couple months. 

Lindsey Pantaleo goes into great detail on how she started and where she sees herself going with her career. Bringing great business tips to the community, she also covers some of her struggles along with how she put into place processes that would allow her the freedom to manage money year around even in off seasons. Having just started a couple years ago myself, this is an always important resource for me learning the busienss side of it all.

From now until Fall, a video will be released every week featuring one of the Fstoppers writers. Topics range from food photography, concert photography, commercial photography, wedding photography and more. These podcasts are focused on the business side, such as how to advertise, brand and break into markets.

Below is the tentative schedule of the release dates and the topics that will be covered along with links back to past interviews including the one about Fstoppers co-founder Lee Morris.

8/8/14: Lee Morris - Fstoppers

8/19/14: Adam Ottke - Photography Gear for Newer Photographers

8/26/14: Rebecca Britt - Breaking into Concert Photography

9/9/14: Noam Galai - Copyright & Building a Multi-niche Photography Business 

9/16/14: Taylor Mathis - The Business of Food Photography

9/23/14: Sarah Williams - Infusing YOU Into Your Brand

9/30/14: Clay Cook - Fashion, Editorial and Advertising Photography

10/7/14: Zach Sutton - How to develop photography education products/services

10/14/14: Jaron Schneider

10/21/14: David Bickley 

10/28/14: Patrick Hall - Building a Relationship-based Photography Business

Please visit TogTools website to watch each episode. You can also follow along on their Facebook orTwitter to watch for newly released podcasts.

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Noam Galai's picture

Great interview Lindsay! some very interesting ideas and thoughts..

Jess Robertson's picture

Thanks for the share, Andrew! LOVED talking with Lindsey about what she has learned over the years!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Thank you Jess for the great interview to post about. Its been incredible learning form everyone in this community and these have been a great resource for me as I continue to learn. Look forward to seeing more soon!

Jess Robertson's picture

Awesome! We'll have to get you on the podcast soon, too ;)

Andrew Griswold's picture

Would be honored Jess! Feel free to reach out any time.