A Selfie Artist Can Improve Your Photography

There never seems to be anything new or exciting to shoot around our hometowns. For me, it seems like I’ve photographed everything at least once if not twice by now. So what should we do? Perhaps taking some advice from a self-proclaimed advance selfie artist might help.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks nothing is interesting in my town to photograph and that all the exciting things are at some exotic location halfway around the world. But wait for a second, with some planning and a little thought perhaps something new can be created. What I like about this video from Sorelle Amore, a self-proclaimed advance selfie artist, is that the ordinary doesn’t have to be ordinary. Sure, the video is about taking selfies, but the same approach can be used with any model.

Look closely at her selfies and you can’t tell if she is at some world-famous location or at our local park. Want to convey a French countryside picnic? Get some props that the viewers would associate with France. Then find an area that has a rural feel to it. Almost all cities and towns have a public park that could be used. Now take the time to frame your composition so that you eliminate any clues that give away that you are in some park that isn’t in France. Keep working the subject and the props until you are happy with the results. Props and planning can make a big difference in your photos without traveling too far.

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How many here are interested in advance selfies? Just trying to understand why so much of her content gets shared.

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Because the article wasn't to show you how to take selfies but to think outside the box about shooting around your hometown. I guess you didn't read the post where I said:​ "Sure, the video is about taking selfies, but the same approach can be used with any model." So many people say there is nothing to photograph in their town.

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“If you are bored with photography, you’re not doing it right”.

I read everything you wrote and still ask myself why her content gets shared around here so much. Hometown? Most photographers who are actually photographers and not just instagramers know that the very nature of photography is what’s contained within the frame. Depending on your focal length you choose to use tbere is beauty everywhere. Take a macrolens into a field and tell me it’s boring.

Part of the challenge of photography is finding the beauty the eye can’t see, and you don’t always have to have yourself in the photo...which is an instagrammer thing.

Photographers (who are instagrammers) are always in their photos, it use to be the photographer who shot the subject, not the photographer shooting the photographer.

You don’t get much engagement on her posts other than ones like mine or the “pass” so the reason why I ask “why her stuff gets shared so much”.

No disrespect, trying to find the real “brand” reason, when you guys share her videos so often.

Is she an off the books collaborator? Do you guys have deals with these “influencers”?

Curious, thanks for your time and reply.

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To answer your questions first. No she is not an off the books collaborator. In fact I have not seen her until I saw this video and decided it might help people who feel like there is nothing around them to photograph. No we do not have deals with "influencers".

So many people live in small towns that may not be the most exciting, especially to themselves since they've "seen it all". This was an attempt to show people, that with a little thought you can create something completely different out of the ordinary.

So the article has nothing to do with selfies. It is about how she looked at a situation and the actions she took to give her selfies a different look. The same approach can be used without it being a selfie. It could be product shot. A model shoot. A food shot.

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Alright fair enough. Just so you know she gets a share about once every 10 days or so, so I had to wonder.

Again I watched it and some of her other shared stuff is where I am at with her content.

She’s still taking selfies, doesn’t matter how she packages it. It’s harder to find a frame and fit yourself in it when looking at the frame through a phone app vs making a micro physical adjustment on the camera to find the composition that works.

I appreciate you taking the time to further articulate what you found valuable about the video share, even if I don’t agree.

Sincerely, thanks. The additional context helps me understand for sure.

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What is an off the books influencer? Is that someone who takes money under the table and doesn’t pay taxes? Never heard that phrase before.

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Off the books is simply she's got some deal with STOPPERS to have her content shared consistently. I think the quote was "collaborator" not "influencer" but "influencer" carries more weight seeing as they are influencing people in buying decisions. That's what an influencer does right? Inspire creatively and to make purchases? Some of them tell you to quit school and learn on youtube.

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I don't see how you've never seen her. She has 7 articles, not including yours, on here and ones that are literally within the last three months.

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While I write for Fstoppers I can't say I read every article. Sorry Lee and Patrick. I'm too busy trying to develop ideas for original content along with finding interesting content out there to share. If you're looking for unique topics take a look at some of my original articles and I promise I will have several original articles over the next few weeks. Working them right now.

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Meh. You've said that about another artist you've wrote an article on that has been posted here numerous times. I understand the need to create good quality content, but when looking for said content you should include searching this site you're writing for. You miss opportunities to showcase different artists by writing articles of the same artist that's been written about.

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I believe you are referring to my John Wilhelm article. As I pointed out at that time it had been sometime since the last article and also my article was an actual interview of John which differed from the previous article.

Have you read my article called Monday Blues Call for Photography Espresso? I point the reader to an Adorama series that highlights various artists. If you haven't perhaps you will enjoy that article and series.

I am more than happy to look at any suggestions of artists you think should be included in an article here. Like I said it takes a fair amount of time to find interesting and different content. Please feel free to point me towards these artists.

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I don't get why people are discrediting her work. Personally I find taking selfies harder than photographing models haha. (Probably cause they look better BUT not the point)
Her images are far from the usual influencer selfies that you see taken in their room with their faces filling 75% of the frame. Hers comes with advanced planning and props and a good eye for location and light. That's more than I can say for most proclaimed professional photographers...

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I really like her content and presentation. What.a great channel. Subbed!

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I think calling it a "selfie" is wrong as it's definitely self portraits. The term "selfie" is more about holding the camera on your hand and taking the photo at arms length.
The tutorial was good and very informative, but I just won't classify it as "selfie".

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"A Selfie Artist..."

I'm ready to die now...

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I'm already dead...inside.

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Her work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.