Basic Lighting Setup for Capturing Catalog Images

Boutiques, clothing brands, and some stores usually require catalog images for their business and e-commerce websites. Would you be able to deliver clean catalog images? Here's how you can do just that!

In this video tutorial from V-Flat World, photographer Dani Diamond shares his method of capturing consistent catalog-lit images on a white background. White is one of the most common colors for backgrounds in this type of work. Some sites may have a different aesthetic and will need another color, but this lighting setup can be done on any color. The lighting gear used for this setup includes two strobes and two v-flats to achieve a directional, soft-light look. 

This is a standard look that any photographer doing fashion and commercial work should know how to create. Of course, you can make some alterations, but this is a solid starting point to begin with. The great thing is once everything is set and ready to go, you can just focus on shooting. You will be able to capture consistent-looking images perfect for your clients' needs. 

What does your typical lighting setup to produce catalog images look like? Let us know in the comments below, and share those lighting diagrams! 

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Bjarne Solvik's picture

I did not get that part I out the color balance? Is he setting color temperature according to ambient light? Or flashes? Those flashes most likely are 5100 kelvin with modifiers. To me setting it manually works great, or auto balance to actually, easy to adjust after. Grey card is nice in post.

In my mind the easiest way is to use one large umbrella, as large as the roof height permits, from a good distance. Distance of flash gives little difference in exposure between model and the white background, giving quite white background, but far from pure white. If you want more shadow a black vflat or something is key.

I mostly end up using flashes on the background because my space is rather small. With out that most of the time it gets to grey for my taste:)