Rangefinder's Icon of the Year: Lindsay Adler

Rangefinder's Icon of the Year: Lindsay Adler

Rangefinder defines an icon as someone who is creative, has extraordinary talent, is a problem-solver, an educator, an influencer, a role model, and someone who evolves without losing their core. This year, that's Lindsay Adler.

Talking with Rangefinder after the awards, Adler, who is also a Canon Explorer of Light,  spent time talking about how much sharing her knowledge with other photographers means to her. 

Others have encouraged me, educated me, inspired me, and supported my success; now I aim to do the same for others! I hope that in any small way, the education and inspiration I share helps another photographer to conquer their fears, become a master of their craft, or simply to find more joy — all of these things would thrill me. 

Lindsay Adler, Rangefinder's Icon of the Year.

Press image provided by PWP Studio.

In a time when a lot of photographers guard their secrets, Adler seems willing to open up. She just published a tutorial on using gels, as well as a posing guide, and is about to publish on both color grading and fine-art nude photography.

When I saw Adler speak last year, she talked a lot about finding your own voice by building on the giants that have come before you. For someone who helps to drive the industry, she refreshingly understood the importance of community. Adler touched on this again, focusing on the collaborative aspect of making great images:

I take my job to educate and inspire very seriously. I love shows like WPPI, where we all come together to learn, energize, and exchange ideas. 

Lindsay Adler, Rangefinder's Icon of the Year

Rangefinder's awards at WPPI are prestigious, and Icon of the Year is the pinnacle of its awards. Congratulations, Lindsay.

Event image supplied by PWP Studio. Adler's phots provided by Lindsay Adler.

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"In a time when a lot of photographers guard their secrets"

I don't think so...it's easier to teach than do these days for many working photographers.

Good choice though. I like her work.

True, it seems like everyone is now selling tutorials and presets or showing the BTS on their instagram posts. But yeah her work is fantastic.

Hi there, Leigh and Dave, I don't disagree that there are A LOT of photographers who seem to make most of their income from teaching instead of doing. However, I think that Adler's free (and reasonably priced) tutorials offer a lot more value than a few BTS on IG.
Somewhat related, she's essentially at the top of her game right now. It's rare to see a photographer who is actually producing like she is offer so much. Usually this type of sharing comes from the less busy or almost retired photographers.

I still think that the industry is full of secrets.

Anyway - we certainly agree on Adler's work.

Trew. There is a lot of people teaching out there but the quality of most of those lessons is not so hot. Too many of the articles and videos I see that are titled in a way to make you think you are going to learn something when in reality those vids/articles are just shilling gear and services.

Glad you like my work. What I mean is that many who truly have 'secrets' (like not basic lighting/post-processing) don't share because they are afraid someone will steal their thunder. I share because then when people start catching up to me, I better push myself harder! :D

She's a hustler! Well deserved!

Thank you!

I always take pleasure in the success of others. Photographers who make money teaching, doing BTS, selling presets, or whatever is simply an indication of the changing times. They've learned to adapt and increase streams of income.

That's a good thing.

<3 Its like when I buy merch of my fav bands/artists just because i want to support them to do more of what they are doing!

well deserved.
she is awesome.


Ive been following her work for a decade, I'm surprised its taken this long to recognise how amazing she is. Truly a world class instructor and photographer

You are so sweet. I've worked really hard to grow and get better this decade. xo

She absolutely deserved it!

Awww thank you!!!