Do You Want To Know How Lindsay Adler Created This 70s Glam Fashion Portrait?

Finding inspiration for your next shoot can be difficult, but going for a vintage vibe can offer so many avenues with all the various eras to choose from. While it's nice to see Gen Z embracing the 90s, we don't often see much love for the 70s in popular media these days, but thankfully this world-famous fashion photographer found just the right props at bargain prices to produce something magical.

In this video from Adorama, fashion photographer and educator Lindsey Adler uses her experience and signature, bold style to create some vintage '70s nostalgia. It's a simple setup, which just goes to show that a little creativity can go a long way. Adler didn't break the bank on this shoot either, as the props came to a total of just $25. As she explains in the video, she likes to combine a vintage look with a modern twist in order to make it her own, so here she decided to give the model's hair a modern style.

While Adler is using the incredibly reliable and color-accurate Profoto D2s, you don't necessarily need such expensive strobes to get the same look. A few Godox AD200s or Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws have more than enough power to get this job done, but for a fraction of the price of one Profoto D2. 

Has this video given you any inspiration for your next shoot?

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