6 Tips For Getting Started In Street Photography

Street photography is perhaps one of the most celebrated and ubiquitous forms of the art of photography. Names like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and William Eggleston pervade any list of "greatest photographers of all time," so if you also want to try your hand at it, what is the best way way to approach it?

Of course, there are more ways than one to approach any kind of photography — and none are necessarily the best because what might suit one person, will not suit the next — but to get you started, street and portrait photographer, KinkJvpes, has come up with six helpful tips. One of the tips mentioned in the video which I will often use when I find myself in an urban environment is the Fishing Technique.

While this is certainly a great way to make use of some nice, focused light in a scene, if you're in any way nervous about photographing people in public then this method will also help you to become less conspicuous. Because, to anyone passing through your composition, it appears as if you're photographing something behind them — keep clicking the shutter after they pass you to reinforce this possible assumption.

Another way I like to feel a little bit more low-key is to use as small a lens and camera body as possible. This way, I look less "professional" or official, and more like a tourist taking some holiday snaps.

Do you have any techniques that you would like to share with us?

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If a video begins with: Today we are going to be talking about my six best... for beginner. I skip the video and think: Lazy FS, lazy curating and wtf do they think this is? A Youtube repetition channel for lousy videos of some dude I never ever would watch if I were on YT?
Btw: The first tip is, really, no kidding: Shoot with the camera you know the most. Remember, this video is for beginners...

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Well said ....