5 Elements of Any Successful Photo

Photography is a language that can be used quite powerfully. Learning how to use elements of this language to create meaning will certainly improve your images. Check out this great video to delve into the five most common elements of this beautiful tongue – photography. 

Probably everyone who I know has at one point said "A picture is worth a thousand words.That expression is as cliché as it gets, and many photographers don't care to consider it. But knowing how to translate your message to the audience can go a long way in helping you become a more proficient photographer. The best photographers take full control of what they're saying through their work. But learning what to control can be a challenge in itself. 

Coming to you from The Photographic Eye, this insightful video talks about the five most important elements to a photograph – from an artistic point of view. The human eye seeks these elements out and communicates them with the mind. They are all part of a universal visual language that photographers must know in order to create images with meaning, or a message. A photographer who knows visual language is like a writer who is fluent (and original) with words. Check out the video above to gain insight into speaking the unspoken language of photography. 

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