The Full Story Behind Ansel Adams' Most Iconic Photograph

Behind every good picture, there is usually an equally interesting story to go with it. This world-famous shot by Ansel Adams is no exception and may just change how you think about landscape photography.

The Ansel Adams Gallery has just released a video telling the wonderful story of how American landscape photographer Ansel Adams came to create one of his most famous and iconic images: "Moonrise Hernandez, New Mexico." The video shows how Adams changed the printing style and interpretation of the negative of this image over the years. Gravitating towards a much more dramatic and darker version later on. Adams claims this more contrasty direction was closer to how he originally visualized the scene at the time of making the image.

Another interesting fact about the making of this iconic image was that Adams was unable to find his exposure meter at the time so had to take an educated guess on what exposure to use. If that wasn't enough, Adams made just one exposure of the scene as the light changed before he had the chance to make a second.

While many of you are probably familiar with the image in this video you may not have known the back story or the evolution of its style. For me personally, it's videos like this that make me want to grab my camera and head outdoors. It also makes me appreciate how much harder our photography forefathers had it when it came to making pictures.

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This image means so much to so many. Thanks for stopping by Lance!