How to Edit Food Photographs

There are loads of tutorials out there for editing portrait photography, so I thought I would put together a reasonably comprehensive yet short guide to editing food photographs. 

Although the mechanics of editing images are the same throughout the genres of photography, most content online focuses more on the portrait and landscape genres. Many of the techniques are entirely transferable. However, as with all subjects, their are certain styles, desires, and faux pas within.

For some time I have been a Capture One photographer, but for ease of most other users I have done this video in Adobe Lightroom, that does a more than adequate job. In the video I go through each section of the develop module whilst explaining the rational between each adjustment and how different subjects may require a different tactic. I then go on to explain how I work photo shop into the workflow and the two main schools of thoughts as to when you should make these manipulations. 

In terms of my editing workflow, it is more of a natural progression from how film is printed, as that is where I started out in photography. I regularly work with a retoucher too, in which instances I would usually have the physical manipulation of an image done to the tiff file before I color grade it myself afterwards. This makes re edits easy and lossless. 

What is your post production color grading workflow? Do you have any helpful tips to add to this?

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