8 Fantastic Prime Lenses for Sony for Under $650

There’s a vast range of lenses available for Sony’s E mount, including a healthy selection of primes for those on tighter budgets. Here’s a list of eight impressive lenses that cost less than $650 each.

Photographer Julia Trotti has tested a lot of Sony lenses over the last couple of years and has compiled a selection of her favorites. It’s interesting to see how highly she rates the Samyang/Rokinon 35mm f/1.8, a lens that I use on a very regular basis. Like her, I’m impressed with the autofocus speed and image quality, and the lens offers a huge amount of value, especially given that it is currently discounted by $50 to just $349.

Compact 35mm primes for Sony are now plentiful given that alongside Sony’s own 35mm f/1.8, there is also the Sigma 35mm f/2, which at $639, could also have made this list. It features a gorgeous aperture ring, and the focusing ring is also a joy to use, replicating the feel of a vintage lens. I’m frequently asked which compact 35mm I recommend, and it’s tough to make a choice: the Sigma offers an amazing shooting experience while the Samyang/Rokinon is lightweight, and right now, it’s almost half the price.

Which of these lenses would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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