Canon Patents Vibrating Shutter Button

Canon Patents Vibrating Shutter Button

While features like lighted buttons have slowly become a bit more popular in the industry, haptic feedback has been largely ignored, despite being an extremely common feature in other technology. However, that might change eventually, as a Canon patent for a vibrating shutter button has appeared.

The patent features a design for a simple vibration mechanism under the shutter button of a camera. 

The patent application describes the motivation for the system as arising from the issue of mirrorless cameras being so quiet that it can sometimes be difficult to know when one has actually taken a picture when using the electronic shutter. On one hand, one could simply turn on the confirmation sound, but for situations in which silence is needed, this is an interesting alternative.

Of course, most cameras show the capture of an image in such situations through some sort of visual indication, such as a flashing box in the viewfinder, so this does feel a bit like a solution in search of a problem, but I am all for experimentation in implementing standard technology from the larger electronics realm. Whether we will see it in an actual consumer device remains to be seen, but it is an interesting concept. 

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Waleed Alzuhair's picture

We do our best to reduce/eliminate any type of shaking in the camera, and now a vibrating shutter button? If sound is not accepted, how about using Bluetooth and haptic the living daylights out of my watch/mobile.

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

I get your point!
Let me do the next invention: I combine the image stabilization in camera or lens (can be combined or independent from each other) in a way with the "vibrating Shutter" out of the cited IP application from Canon in a way that the image stabilization compensate the vibration coming from Canon's vibration shutter.

@Canon, @Sony, @Nikon and the other camera & lens manufactures or developers: That's MY intellectual property & I am giving it herewith into the public domain - it's not any novelty any longer.

Andrew Eaton's picture

I think this is key to a shutter less cameras when sensor global shutters are perfected. I have a friend with a Z9 and ends up taking lots of shots without releasing it...

Carlos Teixeira's picture

More useless marketing fodder, then? No more shutter stabbing vibrations, now new camera will do it for you!

Sam Sims's picture

Cameras are so 'perfect' these days with more features than we really need, it sounds like the camera companies are getting desperate to find new features to add.

Kirk Darling's picture

Is it only my perception, or are people following Canon patents particularly closely?