InMotion: Automated Digital Slider for Your Smartphone

As our phones get better with taking videos, it makes sense why there's an explosion of filmmakers hitting the industry and more and more YouTubers starting off in their new journeys into creating film every day. Hundreds of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and it's only getting bigger. With more people using their phones, GoPros, and mirrorless cameras, the need for gear to make smoother, more professional looking gear has increased. Enter InMotion digital slider.

Aiming at helping filmmakers of all levels create more cinematic looking footage, they created their fully automated digital slider designed for smartphones, GoPros, and light mirrorless cameras. The InMotion slider is compact and lightweight making it perfect for on the go filmmakers with the option of extending up to 30 inches. Included with the slider is a panning mechanism that provides 36 degrees field of vision which can be used without the slider. The slider itself can be mounted on a tripod and is able to turn into a video rig with three mounting points plus a fast charging port.


  • 15 inch length tracks
  • Panning motor for 36 degrees greater field of view than most sliders
  • Tripod mountable with adjustable legs
  • InMotion smart app included
  • 3 1/4-inch mounting points for accessories
  • USB port for power on the go
  • Built-in 12V battery for five hours of filming on any device
  • Optional extension rails can be added for up to 30 inches of track

It doesn't end just with the slider itself; Paired with the free InMotion smart app you can take your footage to the next level with several presets and recording modes. One feature I like is the Face Following mode with allows their advance motion tracking algorithms to follow the subjects face keeping it in the frame as the slider moves. Add the IR sensor motion triggering with or without time delay for subjects up to 30 feet away is get for action sequences.

Read more about the InMotion slider on their Kickstart page. It's currently slated to be delivered June 2018.

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