Must Have Gear for Your Sony Kit

2018 has kicked off with a bang as several companies have released exciting new gear everyone is eager to get their hands on. Sony recently announced the Sony a7 III which has many thinking it's time to upgrade or completely transition all their gear to Sony now that they have more lenses to support their fantastic camera bodies.

In Jason Vong’s latest video, he discusses what he thinks are the must have lenses and accessories for the new Sony a7 III. Whether you're upgrading from an a6000 or new to Sony and looking to start building out your kit, check out his video to see what you should start with. Vong goes into detail on several lenses as well as different options available within set focal ranges. Following hiss recommendations, you’d have a solid kit at your disposal that would cover the majority of your shooting needs. Highlighted below are a few of the lenses discussed.

Vong also offers up several accessories he recommends for new Sony owners throughout the video as well. Whether you're in the market for screen protectors, batteries, mics, or SD cards, it's covered Also mentioned is the Peak Design SlideLITE Camera Strap which is fantastic for mirrorless bodies. I’ve used it in my kit now since its release. The quick detach features, and the ability to switch to the Cuff Camera Wrist Strap has been great. I did not expect to use the wrist strap as much as I have, but it has saved my kit on numerous occasions from taking a tumble.

Make sure to read our article, "Hands-On With the Sony a7 III: A New Normal." The Sony a7 III is priced at $1,998 and can be preordered now. The camera begins shipping on April 10.

What would you add to Vong’s list to build out your Sony a7 III kit?

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“Must have” list without battery grip/macro lens/medium tele/12-24/add anything specific to your genre ?

L-bracket & remote trigger

Eric Salas's picture

Battery grip, Swiss plate/L-bracket, hand strap, screen protector, UHS-II card, Sony 70-200 F/4.
First things I bought when I upgraded to the A7Riii from the A7ii.

Aaron Bratkovics's picture

Sigh I have a fuji. This won't work.