Nikon Cameras 'Prove' the Earth Is Flat

When it comes to providing evidence for any claim, pictures and videos tend to go a long way. As photographers, many of us have access to some pretty high-end equipment; however, it seems only Nikon cameras can disprove fundament aspects of our reality. 

If you've ever explored the darker corners of the internet and specifically YouTube, you'll find some pretty interesting claims and "theories." One of these is a very popular one about how the Earth is flat. This is crazy, right? I mean, how could anyone believe that the Earth is flat? Well, Nikon has the gear to help us prove this obvious fact with their P900 and P1000 cameras. These cameras offer the ability to zoom right to the edge of the planet. Only with Nikon cameras can you zoom right to the horizon and prove how we have all been deceived. What has Canon ever done aside from giving us cropped 4K video? And don't even get me started on Sony with their overheating, rain-catching toys. Nikon is clearly where it's at, and at 9:23 in the video above, you'll see why these cameras could be called the "flat Earth cameras." 

On a more serious note, the Nikon P900 and P1000 cameras are pretty incredible considering how much of a zoom they offer. A quick search on YouTube will show some of the cool things you can do with these cameras. Finally, I find it interesting how this idea of the Earth being flat is actually quite a recent one. There is a misconception that people in the Middle Ages used to believe the Earth was flat. Suffice it to say, there is no evidence to suggest that any civilization in the history of humanity ever believed the Earth was flat. 

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Is that a real statement? Cause that really IS funny.

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This gets me everytime haha.

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Well, we're done here folks. Pack it up. This is, and will be, the best video Fstoppers posts in 2019. Holy hell this was the greatest video ever.

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I worked at NASA as a Space Shuttle Flight Dynamics Officer in the early 80's. I got my share of that sweet, sweet 51 million budget... :P

Rifki Syahputra's picture

like we're living on a v-flats, and now we want it to be foldable

Anjum Vahanvati's picture

My fuji with a Chinese 7.5 mm lens shows the real earth maybe lol

my 5 cents. since the $0.02 thing started, it hasnt had inflation adjusted.

-flat earthers
-conspiracy theorists (moon 9/11)
-ufo sightings

these are just things that are strictly US . nobody around the world deals with nonsense like this
I dont even want to add mass shooting from citizens who went postil. crazy guns all over and obesity.

only in the US will you find such a huge amount of crazies.


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What's a prepper??

its those who think the world is coming to an end and they spend HUGE amounts of money getting ready for the end. HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

this was a show about them, coincidently called "doomsday preppers" and they are called doomsday preppers.

you can see full episodes of the crazies, err doomsday preppers on youtube

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"...crazies, err doomsday preppers..." Now, THAT was funny!

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Nicely done! I see you got to meet Robert Foertsch. He is the first REAL flat earther I've met and until I did I thought they were just a bunch of trolls having a laugh. Ran into him near the north end of Cherry Grove beach and since he had his trusty Nikon P900 with him I assumed he was a fellow photographer. After watching a few minutes of one of his videos I realized that he was a true believer and his belief was based in his religious faith and no amount of logic would convince him otherwise. These guys are quite amusing to watch when you are bored but it can quickly turn maddening when realize they are possibly affecting future generations because some people will believe just about anything they see on Youtube.

Now I wished I could have one of those p1000, maybe with some teleconverters I can just sit back here, and zoom in on Mount Everest, and click when the light is right. Who needs travel photos right.