Nikon Issues Apology for Not Being Able to Supply New Mirrorless Camera Fast Enough

Nikon Issues Apology for Not Being Able to Supply New Mirrorless Camera Fast Enough

Nikon has issued a statement saying sorry for the delays customers are inevitably to suffer. According to Nikon Rumors, the company is manufacturing 20,000 units of its new Z7 mirrorless camera per month, which is simply not enough to fill demand.

Despite some photographers taking issue with certain aspects of the Z7’s specifications, it seems the factory in Sendai, Japan, is struggling to keep up with the amount of orders placed. It appears increasingly likely that even those who have pre-ordered the camera may be faced with the arrival date being postponed.

A translation of the apology from Nikon’s Japanese site reads:

We deeply apologize for causing serious inconveniences to our concerned parties, including customers who are looking forward to products. We will make every effort to deliver it as soon as possible to meet your expectations, so we appreciate your kind understanding.

Nikon previously issued an apology for its D850, which experienced a similar issue after selling out before it had even been released. Likewise, the new Nikon 500mm f/5.6 PF ED VR lens is also facing delays due to an increasingly high number of orders.

The Z7 is scheduled for release late September - are you planning to purchase one?

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No, it's like when you are in an ice cream parlor and you see someone else enjoying a flavor that you don't like. You immediately go over to them and knock their ice cream on the floor and scowl at them.

Mick Ryan's picture

“Maybe everyone who's happy with Sony can just be happy with Sony quietly.” That is literally the opposite of the purpose of a comment section.

Rob Davis's picture

Not necessarily.

user-156929's picture

Maybe in China...

Michael Jin's picture

To be fair, the same could be said about Nikon fanboys, Canon fanboys, Fuji fanboys, Leica fanboys, etc.

Rob Davis's picture

The Sony one's seem to be the most aggressive of late. I think they're taking the "Alpha" name too literal.

Eric Salas's picture

No, we’re just calling out the bullshit from a company that literally is having people buy bullshit instead of producing the camera they promised.

Rob Davis's picture

On behalf of all Nikon users, thank you for your concern, but we don't need it.

Eric Salas's picture

Don’t be butthurt. I didn’t provide a service so no thank you needed.

Rob Davis's picture

Glad we agree you offered nothing of value.

Eric Salas's picture

Just call me Eric Z-alas

user-156929's picture

Butthurt? I guess that's common in your neighborhood. :-/

Eric Salas's picture

Awe, homophobia shouldn’t be expressed in a public forum but I’m not your keeper 🤙

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Not homophobic, just making fun of your sophomoric language and attitude. What are you? About 15?

second hand 300mm f2.8 with converters,. cheaper and better,.

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Don't believe them :-) They just cannot produce it on time so why not make it look as if they are overwhelmed by orders.

so if they can't meet demand on the D850, Z7 and Z6and the 500mm F5.6 how is this company going to outgrown its competitor? maybe they closed a factory to many. i can already tell they wont be able to meet the demand on those three new lenses either,.

producing 100 selling 101. hehe, cant wait for the price increase as per 1 January. every year the same sh*t, prices go up and Nikon reports increased earnings and sales going down. geez,. in a few years and only the rich can effort photography or you need a second job and no wife. photography is hard to earn a living in. cant charge a normal rate and gear prices go up like no tomorrow.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Hopefully second hand DSLR prices will go down a bit after the Z's are released.

should be logic for gearheads to focus on the Z7 instead of the D850 so this could help with the availability of that camera. i guess some might move from the D800-D810 to the Z. i did notice over the last year that more large primes are hitting the second-hand market. its cheaper to buy a 500mm f4 from the G series than the brand new 500mm f5.6 that won't be available after its release.

Feel like another business strategy to me, and a lot of people who ordered can return after use, so this does not reflect to the real sale number. Only Z7 is mentioned, then what happening to Z6?

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Why does fstoppers write about everything down about nikon and sony but nothing about this?

Mick Ryan's picture

Sounds like a marketing ploy.

Studio 403's picture

Way to go Nikon. Just tell the truth. You create demand by scarcity. You guys (Nikon) know that game, Apple is a pro at this demand doctrine. Age old marketing. Don't tell me you don't know the demographics of your customers. A lot of us guys and gals, get nauseous with big corporations. I guess I better put my cynic little boy in its cage.

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This brand is going to deliver the camera to the people that really use it more, as an NPS member Nikon always deliver on time.

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What a great marketing strategy. Report that demand has outstripped production, get more press coverage. In a few weeks announce by ramping up production there will be enough stock soon. Get more orders and more importantly know you have sold your early production run and probably the second run as well.

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The next apology will be "sorry we did not put controls on the grip" Dumb nikon!

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20,000 units a month is not enough? but.. but.. all the bad reviews, disappointing protypes, Tony and Chelsea Northrup. How can this be? lol

Carlos Teixeira's picture

Nikon Humblebragging once more...