Paris by Night: The City of Lights Through a vivo X70 Pro+ Smartphone Camera Lens

Paris by Night: The City of Lights Through a vivo X70 Pro+ Smartphone Camera Lens

How many times have you gone out after dark, wishing you had your camera with you? Night photography opens up a world of extraordinary images, and with the advanced technologies of our mobile phones today, you can get excellent image quality.

Sure, there is a learning curve with night photography, but with some experimentation and practice, you’ll soon learn what’s necessary to get the composition and shots you want.

Being there in the moment is the most important thing. Just observing the differences between the space at night and in the day can spark inspiration. And it’s not really about documenting the area, but rather about giving the viewer something to think about, to wonder.

We can’t always plan for these shots, and this burst of inspiration usually happens while you’re out already. It’s unexpected. But that’s the smartphone’s secret weapon: it’s there whenever you need it. So, when I was on holiday in Paris, I couldn’t help but seize the chance to test out the vivo X70 Pro+’s innovative low-light technology, and I was blown away by the results.

The idea that a smartphone can shoot incredible night photographs is no longer futuristic, it’s reality.

Where Are We With Smartphone Optics?

Smartphone optics have evolved rapidly in recent years, especially for low-light scenarios. They have even begun to go toe to toe with professional cameras as their technology improves and photographers start to realize their unique advantages in portability and creativity.

The vivo X70 Pro+ has ZEISS T* Coating on all rear cameras, which helps to enhance the transmission rate of visible light, improves image quality, and accurately reproduces colors. It is also equipped with vivo's AI Deglare algorithm, which is better than conventional algorithms, as it can learn massive amounts of data on glare distribution patterns. Armed with all this information, it more accurately recognizes areas with glare and minimizes them, reducing ghosting and stray light, which is often a cause of shots being thrown out.

With advances like these, I could not resist trying out the X70 Pro+, and what better place to showcase its night features than on holiday in the City of Lights?

Geared to Perform in Any Light Condition

I started with a few local shops near my hotel. I wanted to see if the Vivo X70 Pro+ could handle the contrast between the lighting inside, the luminous shop signs, and the night outside.

Here, you can see how the camera holds to the details and renders a great image. It kept a lot of the clarity of the outside space, even though it was a very dark evening.

The phone uses its AI Algorithm to retain object detail while accurately reducing image noise. It also supports manually adjusting exposure intensity to improve photo brightness for the perfect low-light shot. Even though the shots were taken late at night, the colors are vibrant, with crisp detail.

When shooting an indoor space from outside, it is incredible how good the contrast is between the two. Nothing was blown out or clipped to black.

The Glass

Glare is the number one fear of night photographers everywhere. And, in a city as vibrant as this, I had to test out how different light sources affected the results from the smartphone’s camera. As you can see here, the bicycle’s light doesn’t distort the image, even though the camera is pointed directly at it, and the glow of light shines pleasingly along the beams. Even the lights in the background have minimal glare, enabling us to see so much detail in the whole picture. This is thanks to the main camera on the vivo X70 Pro+, which is loaded with a High-Transmittance Glass lens that is used in SLR and mirrorless lenses.

It provides stronger night shooting and imaging capabilities and causes fewer glaring issues, which results in purer images and overall more stable image quality. Unlike most smartphones’ plastic lenses, Vivo's glass lens has better transmission, lower dispersion, and lower temperature drift. They also have an Abbe number of 81.6, the highest in the mobile phone industry. And the bigger the Abbe number, the lower the chromatic aberration.

A Gimbal-in-a-Phone Solution for Crystal-Clear Shots

Taking landscape photos along the Seine is a rite of passage for tourists like me. Yet, keeping the camera steady for the long exposure can be tricky. This is one of the biggest problems with shooting in the dark.

Thankfully, long exposures are no longer a problem with the X70 Pro+’s Ultra-Sensing Gimbal camera to maintain stability. The camera provides a 48-megapixel ultra-wide lens, which achieves a 114° shooting experience without correction, as well as an ultra-clear and ultra-wide angle for night shooting. vivo’s proprietary Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 technology keeps the lens steady as you take your shot.

And to top that, the vivo EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) reduces misaligned framing and shaking.

To the Moon and Back

Finally, I went for the ultimate night-time shot: capturing the near-full moon. Suffice to say, I was impressed by the final product.

An ordinary smartphone would struggle to get this level of clarity. Even if you wanted to do this with an SLR or mirrorless camera, you'd need to dish out the money just for the lens that could get you this close to the moon.

This smartphone offers versatile zooming features in the form of a 12-megapixel 2x zoom and an 8-megapixel 5x optical zoom. And, thanks to ZEISS optics and vivo's Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera, your extreme close-up camera shot will come out blur-free even in low-light scenarios.

With the X70 series’ groundbreaking technology, it's possible to get fine detail even with other light sources in the image.


The Vivo X70 Pro+ smartphone camera performs on a professional level. It uses innovative technologies that are revolutionizing low-light photography to achieve professional mobile imaging. It is easy to use and reduces the time needed to learn this advanced skill set of low-light photography, which will impress amateurs and professional photographers alike.

The smartphone’s portability is a significant selling point compared to a traditional camera. It was easy to wander around the city and snap a shot when inspiration struck without having to plan or be weighed down by equipment. With vivo's innovative night capture technology in your pocket, you will never miss a shot again. With the X70 Pro+, vivo is revolutionizing night photography.

All photos in this article were taken with the vivo X70 Pro+. 

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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