Photo Duel: Canon's Final Film Camera Versus Their Debut Digital Camera

Canon has been in the game for over 100 years, and along with Nikon, they made the transition from film to digital relatively unscathed. In this photo duel from Denae & Andrew we get to see Canon's last ever film camera, the EOS-1, compete head to head with their first consumer full-frame digital camera, the Canon 5D.

While the 5D (not the 5D Mark I as there was no Mark II at the time) is not the first DSLR Canon released, it was the first designed for the prosumer market. While the 1Ds came out first, the 5D was much more attainable to consumers. I find photo challenges like this extremely interesting. For one, it's great to see the variety of photos that two people can get when they are walking the same path with their gear — it really lets us see how each photographer's eye works under the fun framing of "film versus digital". 

These sorts of exercises aren't meant to discover whether film is better than digital or vice versa (We all know it's an unwinnable debate) — but rather a great excuse to get out and shoot. Denae & Andrew are still near the top of my list when it comes to YouTubers, they seem to just love what they do and not get too caught up in the technical like most others do. The shots that they both got during this shoot was great — especially the landscape photos. I find it interesting that it seems Denae underexposed all of her shots by a stop or so resulting in some lifted blacks - but they turned out real gorgeous because of it! I can't help but wonder if it was a bad meter or a creative choice.

What were your thoughts on the photo battle? Have you ever shot with either of these cameras? Sound off below!

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David J. Fulde photographs people. Based in Toronto, ON, he uses bold lighting and vibrant colours to tell people's stories. His work in the film industry lends a cinematic energy to his photographs and makes for an always-colourful studio -- whether he's shooting portraits, fashion, or beauty.

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You need to get your facts straight, Dude. Canon has only been in business for 81 years. NOT over 100 years. Nikon has been in business for over 100 years. If you're going to post an article, I suggest you do more research and know what you're talking about BEFORE you write an article.

The Eos 1v is an incredible camera. I just posted my review of it this week.

First, the 5d was not Canon's first digital camera and in fact the DCS 3 which they collaborated with Kodak holds that title. It wasn't until the release of the D30 that Canon had its first own DSLR and the 5d wasn't even Canon's first full frame with that distinction going to the 1ds in 2002. The 5d didn't appear until 2005.

But beyond that are you serious spending minutes of following these two shooting uninspiring snappies? Come on Fstoppers, I expect more from you.

Again ... Fstoppers incorrect facts .... But what can you expect or do from a commodity publication source that rivals the old Popular Photography Magazine of the 60’s

Does this site have a senior editor that checks facts and knows something??
Authors are incorrect and often rude when you attempt to educate them.

I am not sure there is a single news site or agency around, regardless of topics, that still employs senior editors.

rubbish. 5D wasn't the first one, it would be fair to test 1DSmk1 as it was the first full frame, or these kodak frankensteins