Profoto Announces World’s Smallest Studio Light: Profoto A1

After weeks of rumors, Profoto officially announced their latest A1 flash; a speedlight sized powerful flash, which can be used both on or off camera. The company calls their latest product “the smallest studio light” and considering its features, they seem to be right.

At first glance, the flash has a round head, unlike conventional rectangular heads that most manufacturers use on their flashes. This may remind you of the Godox Wistro's design, however Profoto becomes distinct with its wide range of accessories that can be easily attached on the magnetic mount.

Profoto A1 is equipped with a large LCD display, LED modelling light and a Lithium - Ion battery that can be attached to the front of the flash. While LED modelling light serves as a continuous light source, the Li-Ion battery provides approximately 350 full-power flashes with a fast recycling time.

Technical Features

  • A1’s max energy output is 76Ws
  • It has HSS (High Speed Sync)
  • Normal and HSS modes’ range is both 9 fstops
  • Supports TTL and offers 3 fstop +/- for fine tuning the exposure
  • Can be remotely triggered up to 300m (1000 ft)
  • Can be remotely triggered in HSS mode up to 100m (330ft)
  • Firmware can be updated via builtin micro USB port
  • It weighs 560g with the battery.

Notable Features

  • Currently, only compatible with Canon and Nikon
  • With the Profoto Air Remote TTL, it can be used as an offcamera flash with Sony and Olympus cameras.
  • TTL and manual modes can be switched via a physical button placed on the side of the flash.
  • The motorized zoom can be changed manually via the ring on the flash head.
  • The unit includes magnetic Dome Diffuser, Bounce card, and Wide Lens shapers.
  • Magnetic Color Gel Kit and Soft Bounce shapers can be bought separately.
  • Light Shapers can be stacked with their magnetic mounts.

Profoto A1 can be preordered for Canon and Nikon for $995.00, the Sony version will be available in 2018.

According to Profoto’s website, the A1 will first be available in Germany and North Europe, followed by Asia and North America.

Consequently, it seems that, Profoto aimed photographers working in different genres with the A1. While the powerful flash output may help fashion and wedding photographers, fast recycling and HSS features may be useful for sport and action photographers who are looking for a high-end portable flash unit. With the available light shapers and accessories, Profoto expands its capabilities with the A1.

Considering the features and the expected price, would you consider getting one? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for the hands-on review on Fstoppers.

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Douglas Turney's picture

My Yongnuo for about $130 each has built in transmitter and I can control three groups remotely and all or some can be TTL. LED modeling light? I can strap a $3 LED light from Home Depot to my flash if I want a modeling light. $1,000 is ridiculous!

eric krouse's picture

I'm guessing many folks looking at this are already in the Profoto ecosystem; if this flash could be powered by the existing B2 battery, Quantum style, it'd be Cart Checkout sweat inducing.

Rex Larsen's picture

Editors are useful. Just because Profoto calls their pricey speedlight the "world's smallest studio strobe" ( with a straight face), Fstoppers doesn't have to repeat it in the headline.

Burak Erzincanli's picture

guys it's a news post, not a review

Rex Larsen's picture

Editors are even more imortant for news. One suggestion, put quotation marks around the headline. I own a couple Vivitar 102 "studio lights" that are much smaller. Not sure though if they are the smallest in the world.