We Review the Nanuk 935 Hard Case

Why would you get a hard case instead of a backpack? This review of the Nanuk 935 Hard Case will make you think differently about how you store and get your gear from point A to point B. There are other hard cases out there, but this one has a lid organizer, which in my opinion, sets it apart. 

I am a DOP focused on the beauty industry in Paris. When shooting for a client, my team and I rent the cameras, lights, and gear we need. But, I often also shoot spec ads or concepts that I think would be interesting to do, and therefore, I also have my own kit. We travel by metro, taxi, or airplane depending on the project, and our gear comes along. 

I was sent the Nanuk 935 case for review. I was pleasantly surprised by the design and functionality of the case, interior, and lid organizer. 

What I Could Fit Into It:

What I Liked

It is well made. It's engineered to keep your gear in position and protected from hard knocks. The wheels roll softly and don't make noise. 

I am happy to know that I am saving my back from discomfort. I have a two-year old boy who still likes to be picked up and carried around, so I appreciate anything that reduces the amount of things I have to pick up and carry around. 

The lid organizer is a great addition to the case. It's a first that I've seen and used it, and think it should become a standard for all hard cases. It gives me more options and organizational benefits. Everything has a specific place now. 

What I Didn't Like

I thought that it was heavy when I first picked it up. For the review, I carried my ThinkTank camera bag with the one hand with all the camera gear I have in it and the empty case with the other. The weight was almost the same. I must say that weight isn't an issue if it's not made to be carried. So, it's not a deal-breaker. 

Another thing I noticed was that the material used to cover the internal separators felt soft and nice to touch, but while I was moving them around to suite the kit I need to get into it, while getting the separators into position, I noticed the Velcro pulls it quite harshly from the divider if you didn't get it right on the first go, which I don't think is good for longevity. You need to plan ahead to know what you want before inserting them.


I will use this case from now on. I have retired the backpack and will only use it if it makes sense to do so and if pulling a case doesn't make sense. This could be when we're shooting on location, like the beach or forest. 

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Lee Morris's picture

When I shot weddings I preferred hard cases for one reason, they were stackable and I could stand on them.