Unwind With More Relaxing Photography Videos

Unwind With More Relaxing Photography Videos

Hopefully, these videos help readers de-stress, and maybe you’ll learn something new along the way.

Maybe I need more coffee, or maybe these videos are just unintentional ASMR. Either way, it’s easy to fall asleep to certain YouTube videos. Just like before, whenever a relaxing camera related video appeared on my feed, I added it to this list.

Personally, I find that it’s easy to get lost in something you love. If something is relaxing and relevant, then it’s easy to hold my attention and help me chill out. So hopefully, these videos help smooth out the work week, and readers find something they find interesting.

Leica’s Camera Factory

Leica called this video “The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?” but I actually find it fairly entertaining. It’s fascinating to peer behind the scenes of manufacturing. This isn’t a regular factory either. Leica’s handcrafted and meticulous workmanship is something to behold. So, while this is an advert, I think it’s pretty interesting. However, I’m not sure you could make it through all 45 minutes without dozing off a little bit.

Making a Leather Case

On the topic of Leica, I thought I’d throw in this video showing off Korean craftsmanship. They’re putting together a leather case for the Leica X1. It was the first of the “X” series Leica made, utilizing a CMOS APS-C sensor.

Importing Cities Into Blender

There are plenty of amazing plugins that pull from GIS datasets, allowing users to import mapping data into their creative software of choice. GEOlayers for After Effects is a great example. However, working with data intensive 3D environments isn’t really After Effects’ strong suit. That’s where this tutorial comes into play. Blender and the Blender GIS plugin are free and open source.

Hair Retouching With Capture One

Speaking of tutorials, check out this brilliant Capture One tutorial. Jan Wischermann is an ambassador for them and does live classes on YouTube. Wischermann’s retouching methods really pull me in (even if I’m not following them) because he gets through so much in 30 minutes. If you’re looking to dive deeper into Capture One, feel free to check out our tutorials with Quentin Décaillet.

Shooting With Cinestill’s 400D

Jason Kummerfeldt definitely knows how to maintain a chilled vibe in his videos. As a fan of Cinestill, it’s even more interesting to watch him bring their 400D-for-Dynamic film out for a spin in the outskirts of Los Angeles. Hopefully, this video’s vibe is something you can sit back and enjoy.

A Look at the Pentax ME Super

This is a super simple preview of the Pentax’s 35mm camera from the 80s. No talking, no fuss. Just a relaxing aura and a classic camera.

Sony Camcorder Review

Perhaps it’s the age of the video, but this is a pretty relaxing review. The Sony Hi8 is a blast from the past. This camera would have come after many failed or flawed attempts to make a higher-end video camcorder. One part that caught my attention, though, was the battery. It’s funny that camcorder batteries haven’t really changed much over the years. Canon’s C70 essentially has the same style of battery insertion today.

I hope some of these videos helped readers take a deep breath and relax. Perhaps it’s a welcome change from obnoxiously loud YouTubers, and perhaps you learned something here today too. If there are any more worth sharing, please mention them in the comments.

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Ed C's picture

A retouching hair in Photoshop video is not much help when wanting to see a video on retouching hair in Capture One.

00rob00 Rob00Rob's picture

Wouldn't be basic idea be the same?

Ed C's picture

Not at all. The tools in Capture One Pro behave very differently than in Photoshop.