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These are few of my takes on the rocky mountains. Weather permitting, I could have bettered the composition. Nevertheless, they are pleasing ones. Maybe the next time.

Stockholm by night (from a night photography course)

Last year for my birthday I got a voucher from a couple of friends: "Night photography course". I finally got around to use it couple of weeks ago. I could chose between Gothenburg and Stockholm and I chose Stockholm because I can do it in Gothenburg basically every night.

I went there on a Friday after work and we were about 7 people...

Rocks and Water

One of my favorite photography subjects. Rocks and water. The exposure on this isn't supper long. Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a second. I like the photo as is however, I wish I would have taken another longer exposure, like a 5 minute exposure, for the sky and combined them. Might have to try it next time.

Work in progress - Weekend Hike

Thanks goes out to Joe Cole on his suggestion to visit Ricket's Glen in PA. Was able to get out for the weekend and snap a few nature shots while hiking.

I am still working on this, I will probably post the camera RAW and this final in Joe Cole's Before After group, but would like to hear any feedback on it. Cheers!

Haze with ND 3.0

I'm having some problems doing daytime long exposures. I often get shots which are "hazy." Adjusting white balance in post does not really help. I think I have a good filter. It's a Firecrest IRND. Any suggestions on how to minimize this problem?

Attached is a sample shot using cloudy WB and no adjustment in post.