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Little Chapel In The Valley

This little chapel is in Cataloochee Valley within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The chapel is located in a beautiful meadow on the bank of Cataloochee creek. In fact, it's so close to the creek that I'm actually standing in the creek to make this photograph.

Trying to step up

Morning all. I'm new to group and still looking around but I'm already impressed with such a high level of creativity and imagination of your photography guys.

FStoppers looks like a endless source of inspiration and information for me especially in black and white photography. I'm still trying to nail it and I hope I'm going in the...

Potential & Kinetic Energy

One of my favorite points of the shift is as I’m securing the station at night and all is quiet. I walk through the apparatus bay and see all the gear poised for the next call, in stark contrast to the day’s details. I took this shot as a reflection of this serenity, because any moment the tones will drop, and there will be a call to action....

B&W is my heart

I adore B&W, ever since I was a child in school, learning photography.

Whenever I want to isolate the mood, remove background distraction (too many diff colours) or just simplify, I go Blk & Wht.

In my 20's, you wouldn't believe how much I spent on Ilford film. I still shoot a roll here & there 😁.

I'm interested...

The Chisos

It is rare to catch these striking mountains cloaked in early morning fog.
Hike to them in dry western Big Bend Texas camp out and perhaps you can catch this effect in early spring.
West Texas is pretty dry and parched.


The sign proclaims that there is a vacancy at the mid-century modern Teddy Bear Motel and Restaurant on old highway U.S.19 between Bryson City and Cherokee North Carolina. For many years folks visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park found that (like Teddy Bear says) "Life's Good" at the Teddy Bear.

First one to the party!

Out of the sea climbs a living fossil. It is mating season for horseshoe crabs and they do this during the full moon. Literally 10s of thousands will come out of the sea onto the beach to mate and then crawl back in. (And we count them. 1, 2, 3, 2127, ... thank goodness for volunteers!) These interesting animals have been here since before the...