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It was nearing the end of the day when I came across this interesting building. The light looked good as it was casting hard shadows. Without hesitation I knew exactly what the composition would be. This was probably one of the quickest compositions I've been able to create.

I would love to have a lot of discussion in this post. I'll...

Architectural Photography Pricing

Very new to this job market. Note: this is not real estate photography for agents.

I've been very lucky in a having some good connections to shoot for some companies with pretty

good bank accounts.

Currently priced a few jobs for a few companies at $125hr. (I know this is low) This includes the

moment I leave the...

Engineering Art

This image is all about appreciating the underrated and undiscovered beauty that is all around us.

I would have driven past this junction so many times, without realizing how spectacular it looks from the sky.

Feedbacks welcome.


I liked this image because it involved round and flat surfaces. I need comments on the theme idea. Even a small detail pointed out to me would be appreciated.

I just added my recent edit. Let me know if this is an improvement.

Wanting to get into real estate photography?

So currently I work as a full time photographer for a company, taking photos and creating videos of luxury accommodation. I came into the job with no experience of interior or architectural photography but have grown to love it!

Im really wanting to move into doing a bit of freelance work on the side of my job, mainly starting with some...

My second time making a real estate video

I could use some constructive feedback on this video. This is only my second time making a real estate video even though I've had many real estate photo shoots. I offered it to my client for a very low price just to have it on my portfolio. Title, address and the name of the agent are omitted for privacy.

Public library | Stuttgart | Germany

I wanted to share my progress in the architectural photography world.
The Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (formerly Stadtbücherei Stuttgart) is the public library of the city of Stuttgart. It is organised as a department of the city's cultural office and comprises the central library and 17 city district libraries. The new building...

London Office based photography

Recently I've been doing a few shoots in London of office spaces, quite a lot of the rooms are quite small so have been trying to make them seem bigger than they actually are. Ive tried to go for a clean/expensive look to reflect the price and exclusivity of the offices. Any feedback would be great!

I would appreciate some feedback on my real estate photos.

I started doing RE photography back in April without really knowing what I was doing. I was mostly doing HDR at first until I learned more about lighting and bought my first 2 speedlights. So far I've done a little over 20 houses and I think I am confident enough to start charging more and try to find more clients and put together a portfolio....

Moving away from Real Estate towards Architectural Photography.

I am new in the city and try to get clients quickly, since I've quit my job for a real estate company who hired me for interiors but who did not allow me to shoot pictures of the kind of quality I wanted to produce. I am currently trying to go out to local hotels, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops with a few printed images, introducing myself...

I need advice

I'm curious what you think on this photo in technical way or some other... Color correction is ok? Composition?... Is this good enough and can you give me a some constructive critique or advice. I use a Nikon d800 and Tamron g2 24-70mm. Thanks a lot!

Looking for CC for Commercial Architecture Portfolio.

Hey guys, looking for CC. This was not a commissioned project, having said that I am looking for harsh but constructive criticism on the photographs.

What could I do better. I am aiming for creating a commercial architecture portfolio and would like to integrate some of these photographs. I think some of them could be, and would like to...


Sydney's Central Park stands directly opposite to a 1970s brutalist building. The stark contrast makes this area of town quite interesting.

Long Hall

An upper tier view of one of the 'wings' in the decommissioned Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.