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Architectural Photography Pricing

Very new to this job market. Note: this is not real estate photography for agents.

I've been very lucky in a having some good connections to shoot for some companies with pretty

good bank accounts.

Currently priced a few jobs for a few companies at $125hr. (I know this is low) This includes the

moment I leave the...

Best System for Architectural Photography

Hi guys. If you could start with a blank canvass and money was not a consideration, what would your ideal system be for architectural photography?

Here are some considerations:
- There would be a lot of tall buildings/limited space as part of the job. Canon's 17mm TSE would be ideal.
- Flash would be needed in certain...

My first paid architectural shoot.

Since I recently started engaging with this nice group of people here on Fstoppers and asked for feedback and critique for my architectural work, I wanted to share my progress in this newly entered field of photography. And as people judged my work that I'd be ready to get professional clients, I almost immediately afterwards was hired to shoot...

More isometric architectural shots.

I've recently posted my body of work in this group and received great feedback.
One group member proposed to mix up my one point perspective with more isometric pictures. So I took his advice and went out to photograph a local museum, the Dokuzentrum in Nuremberg. I'm curious what your opinions are.

It was very dark, flash was...

New to Group

HI All, I'm new to the group and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linda McManus, I am based in Bucks County PA. I've been shooting both residential and commercial architecture and interiors for 20+ years and am always learning. Look forward to connecting and sharing ideas in our trade. I've shared some images of completed projects. I...

Importance of Lighting

Lighting really made this photo pop - granted , this was during a light show - but, it really made me realize how important lighting is in photography. Obviously, you couldn't take a picture without light, but fundamentally once you understand how to manipulate it then the sky is the limit. What are your thought?

Trump Tower, Chicago

I was going to post this in the Strength community critique, but already had two images in the contest. I figured I shouldn't let it go to waste, so here it is. Taken last year on a road trip through the midwest.

If you visit Chicago, take one of the river architecture tours. Also, plan your entrance to and exit from the city in the...

I don't know what to think about this photo?

I have tried somewhat, maybe to incorporate a fountain into a frame in a strange way, which may disturb the whole scene, maybe I have not chosen the right light attraction that is constantly changing on the tower, with the constant warnings of security that prohibits the use of tripods and all cameras that look professionally according to their...

Union Station in fog, Ocala

During the week when I made this shot, we had heavy fog every night after midnight and I would drive around looking for photo opportunities. I was rewarded virtually every night with something spectacular. This one was made around 2AM.

The train station in Ocala has not been used for regular stops in many years and the building is now...

Moving away from Real Estate towards Architectural Photography.

I am new in the city and try to get clients quickly, since I've quit my job for a real estate company who hired me for interiors but who did not allow me to shoot pictures of the kind of quality I wanted to produce. I am currently trying to go out to local hotels, restaurants, bars and coffeeshops with a few printed images, introducing myself...

Airbnb Plus Photoshoot's

Hi Everybody, its someone here to shoot for Airbnb Plus to want to share some tips about equipment or lighting? I struggle a little bit with the white balance in some places.


I'm not sure about the aesthetic quality of this photo?
The only "good thing" is the bright construction site in the center of the frame illuminated, in my opinion at least oddly. And worried about for this bright part left up, whether he draws too much attention. I have no idea for a different composition without letting the resolution...

Canadian Museum of Human Rights...

The camera club I belong to spent a few hours inside this architectural wonder shooting in low light conditions. After we finished, I happened to be parked in a parkade across the street, so I went to the top level with my tripod and remote release and got this shot. It's a 20 second exposure with the B&W conversion done in Silver Efex Pro...

Real Life Jenga

The Interlace is a 1000-unit apartment building complex in Singapore designed by OMA and Ole Scheeren. It is noteworthy for its design which looks like 31 bricks irregularly stacked upon each other, resembling Jenga blocks.

Best Use of Lines?

Architectural photography is a primary interest of mine. Which - if any - of these 5 shots is the most memorable to you and makes the most effective use of lines? Is there a runner up? Why is your choice your choice? In what ways does the photo succeed?