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Tre Cime

I spent Thanksgiving solo in Italy so I headed up to Tre Cime and did an 18 hour day at this iconic location. I started the hike at 3am so I could shoot a starscape and stayed through until I could shoot another one. I'm having a very hard time picking a favorite since I had such awesome weather to work with. My travel computer is not the...

Shelby Supersnake Before/After

I've always been a fan of images of cars taken in a studio and this was a bit of a personal project I took while doing a small photoshoot for a local Ford dealership. Their showroom wasn't exactly the best setting for the super-exclusive Shelby Super Snake they had, so I strobed the car and dropped it onto a white "studio" background in...


I am shocked. I have to admit, I have't logged into Fstoppers in a while.....I poked my head into this group which I created in 2015, only to discover that there are 111 members!!

So. We're here. Introduce yourself, post a link to your work. Let's get to know each other.

- Karlo

Adapting for Photographing for Ads

I recently started photographing for a rock climbing gym for product advertisements, posters, newsletters, you name it.

I have to totally change my photographic style sometimes! I prefer shooting climbing close up to fill the frame, but I need to shoot wider to allow text to fit on the image. Its hard to adapt, but It is good experience...