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Back country Cambodia...

Not sure about you, but I don't really like doing the easy touristy things in a new country.

I'd rather pack a light bag and hang where the locals hang, eat with the locals, and travel like the locals.

In this shot, I was indeed travelling with the locals, on a trade vessel heading from Siem Reap to Battambang, along the flooded (...

Getting started with Nude Art Photography

Hi All,

Was hopefully looking to get some advice. Nude Art Photography is a genre that really interests me and would love to give it a go.
I'm an amateur photographer that doesn't really have any contacts to other photographers or models. Im wondering what people feel is generally the best way to get started in this genre. I don't...

Classy girl

Had a nice time photographing in available light studio with beautiful Milja. Love to shoot with available light. It gives so much more smoother results. Here is a classy portrait of a beautiful girl.



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Sunset at Punta de Teno

I took this photo at Punta de Teno during my last trip to Tenerife, Spain. This place is really stunning and I was trying to catch and show it from little different perspective rather the one all turists see it. I do believe you can watch one of the most stunning sunsets in the worlds.

I would appreciate your votes and comments on this...

Late Afternoon from the Manhattan Bridge

I took this on 5/19/2018 in NYC after the rain stopped. I wanted to capture the Brooklyn Bridge with a minimalist approach in mind.
The low clouds provided a nice background and were key to setting the mood.

I did a 3 bracket exposure then merged in Lightroom to give the picture a more balanced natural light feel. I was considering...

Rock Climbing Photography Blog Post

I've just updated my blog with an article on photographing rock climbers. It's a rewrite of a piece I wrote a few years ago for an outdoor publication, but I wanted to share the link here with anyone who might be interested. Let me know what you think of the writing or images:


Magenta cast on canon 5d mark iv

I got my canon 5d mark iv, upgraded from mark iii a week ago, shot today and noticed a strong magenta cast on all my pictures, im shooting raw, I thought it was the overcast weather but then tried it with studio lights and the magenta cast is very strong, I compared pics with my 5d mark iii same settings and the difference is notorious, magenta...