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A Voyage to Surreal

It's a real privilige to live in Aegean seaside of Anatolia. We have one of the most amazing sunsets by the time of this season. Then I decided to capture it. I grabbed my Nikon D750 and great Sigma 24-35 f/2 lens and placed them near by the sea. After a couple of long exposure and focus stacking process I made some color grading in Lightroom....

Sonic DriveIn's Best CarHop of 2018

Typically, I photograph land and cityscapes. However, on the last day of Summer, I was out with Devin Berry. Devin was just recognized as Sonic Drive-In’s Best CarHop in 2018 with his awesome dance & skate abilities. His desire to be an inspiration to kids & dedicate his time performing for them at student assemblies is what drew me to...

What about shooting from a moving car?

The marvellous digital age we live in means that we no longer have to consider cost of film and can shoot to our hearts content really.I would never or rarely considered shooting out of a moving car window in the past but I do now and it is amazing the shots you can capture. I do this consistently on country trips as my wife likes to drive.Any...

Kids love doing this.

In Australia's Rivers and Creeks we have about 4 species of freshwater crayfish. The most popular and very tasty are yabbies. When the yabbies "run", which is usually close to Christmas day when the weather is hot, many a child has had hours of fun trying to catch them with a piece of meat on a stick and a dab net.They can also be caught in...


Creative Studio Photography and Lighting group seemed a good match for this ambitious concept shoot one Sunday afternoon in the studio.
I didn't have the luxury of my subjects holding the pose for several minutes while I messed around with set up. This was a 'just take the shot' and see what you get moment while Teta and Lex did their...


Just a quick shot of Orion, surprised I got some of the red mollecular hydrogen alpha cloud to show up with just a few 3 minute exposures.

Canon 6D
Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 @ 70mm f/3.5
9 x 180s @ ISO 2000
iOptron CEM25p unguided

First time combining 2 images

So as the title says, This was my first time combining 2 images. The shed was taken at blue hour, Then I combined it with the stars I shot. I don't have photoshop or lightroom so I used adobe after effects. So some feedback would be much appreciated. (I'm also very new to astrophotography)

The old courthouse

This is the old Laurens County Courthouse, sitting in the middle of the town square in Laurens, SC. It was constructed in 1837-1838, and is a granite ashlar and brick Greek Revival style building. The original projecting porticoes in the front and rear have four Corinthian order columns and two simple pilasters. Wings were added in 1858, and in...