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Lunar Eclipse Time Series

Jumping on the bandwagon with all the others here, but I was really stoked to see this series come together. ~1200 light frames and 300 dark frames were captured and stacked to create this series. Lots I would do differently next many years do I have to wait again?!?

spring house

i drive past this little structure almost every day we have a ton of them around but they all exist on private property this one is close to the street so no need to ask permission, I've just wanted to shoot this for some time so i finally did i think ill like it better in the snow or a starry night...

btw...with fog or without these...

Patience or luck?

Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm at dawn - Dolomites, Italy.
One of my favorite photo spots.
Four dawns in a row I waited for the right conditions, until finally I got them. The first two days, no fog, no cloud. On the third day there was hint of fog, but no clouds. Luck is beautiful only when you waiting for it.

Looking back at my first Fine art nude session (two and half years ago)

I'm looking back at my first fine art nudes session that i did more than two years ago. the style and the way i'm presenting my models didn't changed to these days. still love to represent them in a respective way with romantic look as possible. I remember that it was hard for me to use full nudity so i brought all of these sheets with me. also...

New Group Moderator

Hi folks,

just a short announcement to the group: we constantly growing by new members and also the contributions become more and more. So I asked Bill ( if he would like to give me a helping hand – I'm glad he said yes.

Sp please give a warm welcome to Bill!