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Greetings, I´m new in this group and in Fstoppers community. I love cityscape and landscape photography. I wish to sahre with all of you some of my cityscape shots. I will apreciate all yours sincere comments and critics.

These shots are two long exposures. For the first I blended together 4 exposures (1 for the highlights, 1 for...

Vignetting Yes or No?

I've noticed some very clear opinions among people in various online communities about whether you should use a vignette ever or when you should. I'm curious about what peoples ideas on it are. I personally like a heavy vignette in some circumstances and none in others. My personal opinion is it depends on the subject of the image.

Scarlet Lily beetle

Inspired by the work of others to branch out. Here's one of my first attempts at capturing a Scarlet Lily beetle, busy feasting on a Lily bud.

Suggestions for honing this particular skill?

Small town cityscape

I've always spent my camera time focusing (pardon the pun) on nature, but lately I've been working on a "small town" project where the focus is more on small rural towns and their history. I was lucky to catch a great sunrise over this town square one morning, but didn't like the original edit. I just revisited these with some new Lightroom...

Bird feeder Thief!

Trying to find out what kind of squirrel this was in my cousin's bird feeder I came across this great tidbit from the Iowa DNR!

In Iowa it’s hard to go outside without at least glimpsing a squirrel. This nimble and common wildlife family is well known for its acrobatic tendencies and potential as a garden or bird feeder thief. But do you...