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I've been doing more and more personal shoots this year with some of my favourite and most talented collaborators! I've always wanted to put together and style my own shoots, and this year I'm finally making them happen!!

The image uses a vibrant color palette and a joyful dancer to illustrate a rather dark theme and sad chapter for...

Well Travelled

Here is a shot I took of a rare event. I got this shot as it flew over DC.
Any comments are welcome. This is my first post, so would not be surprised if I have done something wrong. I know you all will be gentle with me if this is contravening any rules

Harrisonburg, VA C&C

Good evening everyone! I am a brand new Travel Photographer, I am looking to learn and achieve my photography dream. I would very much appreciate the harshest constructive feedback possible on every aspect of my photos. Obviously don't be rude but don't hold back. (I feel like it is the only way to learn) Thanks!

Look for image critique and thoughts on sharpness

Many of the photos I see on this site are indeed spectacular. A primary trait I've noticed is sharpness, ultra-sharpness. After all, everyone loves a super sharp photo, right? I've been messing around with an old Nikon 35mm f/1.4 AIS lens known for being soft when used wide open. Here is a recent example. I kind of like how it turned out, but...

First ever portrait photoshoot

I've been trying to get better at taking photos of people lately, and with the help of my girlfriend and her friend I put together a very casual photoshoot in the living room of our 600sqft apartment. I hope to take my lighting setup outside soon for some more interesting backgrounds and themes, but for now I'm just working on getting a sense...

Busy waterfall

I took this image last summer in august, at 18h in the afternoon. At that moment there were at least 20 people in the place swimming and refreshing themselves. I was struggling to find a clean view over the waterfalls, and even more looking for a long exposure. Even the dificulties I was able to make the picture and I had just to remove 6...

GLT 18-11-15

These were digital additions to my ongoing Ground Level Tango series, which is a yearlong exploration of the wetlands between my house and the Perkiomen Creek. They're not quite as sharp as they might be because I shot them through the kitchen and second-floor master bedroom windows. And they're handheld with a very long lens. Postprocessing in...

Devil's Kettle

Judge C. R. Magney State Park is a state park of Minnesota, on the northern shore of Lake Superior. The park is best known for the Devil's Kettle, an unusual waterfall and rock formation in which half of the Brule River disappears into a pothole.

Devils Kettle. Image made July, 2018. I figured I'd ask the experts, CC please?

Low light shot on MFT camera.

Took this shot of the crescent moon reflected in some water a the base of a rock during low tide last week (Dillon Beach CA). It was an unplanned shot, I'd put the camera away for the day as it was pretty dark by this time. Micro 4/3 cameras are not known for their low light capabilities so I rarely ever look for night shots. But as we were...