The self portrait series 'BARE' which I shot using window light only

Why do we photograph?
Some people do it for glamor, for some its money, some find it more of a passion and for some, it's all about opening up one's private space. I belong to the last group of people who love photographing human body, emotions in its naked form. 'BARE' is a self-portrait series of mine dealing with own vulnerability and...

The Dunes XIII

Shot a few years ago at sunset in Spain.



New here! Some pics for you all, and a little about me

Hi guys! I'm happy to join this site, and this group especially, because to me this style of photography is really exciting and fulfilling!

I've always liked cameras and snapping pics, but never did I think of it as something that I'd put any real effort into. Well, a couple months ago after being exhausted with the boring work that I do...


Currently, i am trying a lot of different styles for the overall look of my images ... i am torn between a very realistic and pure look (as in the example) or a higher saturated, "over"-retouched look - my experience is, that the later is far more appreciated ... but basically i prefer the natural approach - maybe you help me out a bit?

Looking for “old” app created for fStoppers

I’m on the hunt for a program that was created a few years back.
Below is a video that shows the app.
I used to have it but then I went and replaced my computer and thought I could download it again but it’s not there anymore.

I’m starting to recreate the app but it’s taking me MUCH longer then I was hoping.

Here’s the...

Abstact nudes

I find that abstract nudes hold so much intrigue. Having an abstract project helps me collect my thoughts and define what I want to achieve with my shoot. I find it more relaxing than a nude with a narrative.

Some photos.

so long time when taken photos and again asome fb delete photos even blur nipple. not get this anymore. why women brast and nipple is most offul thing on world. :)
but hope they can stay here. rest photos here.. hope someone like.

Workshop: Manor House, Germany . June 2018

Workshop: Manor House . June 2018 .


On Sat. 30th June 2018 and Sun. 1st July 2018 we will be hosting a Glamour-Nude workshop at a beautifully restored manor house in south-east Germany.

We will have numerous sets available, 2 experienced glamour models (