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Self portrait

Here is my first attempt of nude.

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And it's an excellent attempt as well.

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Thank you so much!

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Love it. Has a sense of mystery which is always good in nudes in my humble opinion. Was this shot through frosted glass or was the effect added in post?

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Thank you! It was not frosted glass but the fog created from hot shower.

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I like the softness of the image, maybe a little bit of contrast to the right side just a hint to create a separation of the model and the environment, otherwise a nice image.

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Thank you for your nice comment! I actually wanted to achieve some sort of melted image of the model and the environment, a naked soul with little definition of what's real and what's is pure imagination.

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then that you've accomplished, it definitely melts into the environment. Well done.

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It's a wonderful image -- and I refuse to overthink it.

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Much appreciated! Thank you!

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Wow amazing

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Just curious Milena, what type of shutter release did you use? Love the pure mystery of the image.

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Thank you! Couldn't use my camera for this shot, the photo was taken with a iphone

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Intriguing shot, mysterious and tantalizing at the same time.

Just lovely. I think you could have remained anonymous without covering your face. Thanks for sharing!

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Move the top hand, remove some of the mist. Excellent shot!

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Great concept and execution. Both revealing and hidden at the same time

Wow, really nice work :)

Nice mysterious shot. You may have gone too much with the fog, but you are very brave to post a photo of yourself up there. If you are going to be naked, you cannot be afraid to be naked. Nice work.

Just joined the group and spent a few minutes reading comments about images, why do some people persist in trying to tell someone how to 'improve' the image, just because they would shoot it differently it doesn't make it any better or worse than the image commented on. Also why do we have to call it art nude photography, why not nude photography, does the art tag give it more respectability ? !!!!

First, I assume we are all photo enthusiasts and photographers, so getting feedback is part of the journey to improving. If they have confidence in their art they can take the feedback or leave it, but without constructive remarks what is the point of joining this community? There are other websites you can go to and see naked people, or you would be better to join instagram and wait for your likes to roll in.

Secondly, not all of the photos even in this community are of good taste. If you are serious about doing nude photography for clients then you need respectability. I agree with your point that calling something art or fine art does not actually make it so, but it implies an intention. This intention is at least a step in the right direction.

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Well well, perhaps it’s about time for me to say a bit more about this photo in particular or how I see photography in general. Being just an enthusiast photographer, not a professional, I still get the luxury of taking pictures of what really captures my mind, emotions, in each and every one of my photos I see the soul in what falls within my frame. Each shot is alive to me somehow! Just trying to explain that at this stage the technicality doesn’t bother me as much, as long as I can freeze in time that fraction of mortality in which my eyes can see beauty. This shot in particular it's just perfect for what I want to see in it. The meaning of it. I put myself there naked, alone, where you can barely distinguish the body from the mist, half in the light and fading away, nearly invisible to the human eye; always halfway between the truth of life and the unknown. Never totally understood. Always walking through that line that keeps me in bad balance between what I would want to be and what cannot be. I’ve pictured myself and my life, what you see in the photo is exactly how I feel.
I do really appreciate every comments anyway, I need to grow up in technicality too :) Hope one day people will ask me to put in frame their souls as my eyes can see it through my precious camera:)

Milena, I really like your approach to your photography. Like you, I feel photos need to portray or give a feeling of emotion - something that tells me to look again and to try to work out what is happening in the image or what is the subject thinking? How we each approach the process to achieve that can be wildly different. I think your post is a wonderful explanation of what you are trying to achieve. Well done.

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Thank you! 🙏🏻

I think your self portrait is just fine and very personal to you and we are lucky you have chosen to share the image. My comments about people to attempting to "fine tune' your self portrait by advising and how to make it better, still stands, its not their self portrait, its yours, develop your own style by following and studying photographers you admire. And by admire its more to do their unique way of looking at things than trying to emulate their work.