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Three sides

Photo made with mixed lighting in studio on long exposure

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Roger Seymour's picture

That's pretty cool, I like it a bunch. I think there's still some things to pursue. Perhaps trying different colors as well as possibly doing the colored side views in black & white so you don't have the spill of purple and blue on her shoulder ?? Just a thought... But I still think it's very good as I could easily see this on a "Psychology Today" magazine cover or similar. :)

Katarzyna Jabłońska's picture

it was a first time that I've done photos with mixed light, but for me the colors were important. I didn't think about making it in b&w till now :) And also didn't think about psychological part of this photo :D Thanks for the comment

Stephen Fretz's picture

I personally like the color spill on the shoulders. The photo seems well-executed ... no issues with it, technically. It does seem to invoke a "psychology text book cover stock photo" feeling.

It's a good premise ... do more, please.

Katarzyna Jabłońska's picture

Thank you for your feedback. It was the first time, but not the last :)