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Waterfall into the forest

Took a long exposure standing above this waterfall and decided that the mid morning light made for a more dramatic black and white image. Thoughts?

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joseph cole's picture

lots o drama.. beautiful shot!

Zach T. Smith's picture

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

Great one, really is.

Jon Heidar Runarsson's picture

Very nice. Fun to see the waterfall from above, not from below as usual. I also like how the creek pulls the eye from the light and into the darker part of the forest.

James Lee's picture

This is such a fun shot. Great job incorporating both the clouds in the horizon along with the rushing water in the foreground. Very dramatic shot!

AARON THOMAS's picture

Love black and white. I agree the waterfall is really nice from above. You get beautiful tecture in the trees and ground and the waterfall leads you into the photo with the Mountains giving depth. I am new, so if someone feels I am wrong, please correct me :)