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Do you shoot black and white first or convert afterwards?

Might be a dumb question but I love the fact we can do that these days.Here are some shots from Sydney that I thought came out well in black and white. What do you think? Black and white conversion gives pics a timeless look I think.

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Not a dumb question. it's certainly simpler to let the camera do the conversion and really, the results aren't that bad.

I convert after I do some preliminary processing in LR. Silver Efex Pro 2 is a fairly powerful program that gives you a lot of control over the conversion. I like the control I have over the conversion.

There's a couple of presets that also present a good starting point, depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

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Thanks David for the tips.

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after but i think I'm going to try shooting in B&W more often

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It's very educational to do so. There was a recent post here about shooting everything at a wedding in raw and black and white mode. In post you can use the colour version. Great idea.

Not at all a dumb question. I shoot in colour and then convert after some basic processing in Lightroom - I export it into Silver Efex Pro 2 for the conversion and final processing. Shooting in colour gives you the flexibility to process selectively (meaning you can increase or decrease the tones related to specific colours).

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Thanks Ram for your comments. Seems I should look at Silver Efex Pro2.

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Thanks for responding Michelle. I looked at your profile and it seems you are a good allrounder. I have and have had family members working in a similar day job to yours and also music and sport has been a big part of our family as well. Keep up the good work.