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Shadow Pupeteer.

I shot this on my Sony a6000 with the kit lens. I thought the shape and structure or this photo was great, but feel free to comment any thoughts or criticism. I’m still somewhat new to photography, so I’d appreciate it.

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Hi Madeline, thanks for posting and being so open to feedback. This is truly the best way to learn but please treat comments for what they are - solely opinions from another.

I like this lower half of this image - it has a great dynamic range with strong blacks and highlights. I like that the eye is drawn to the key components - that of the hand and the shadow it creates within a strong frame. You did a good job of arranging both hand and shadow so that the form is immediately recognizable and isolated from the surrounding shadow/highlights.

My eye however is screaming out for a hint of detail in the performer otherwise - the foot is great if only such detail could be brought out otherwise I feel the image would be much stronger. Perhaps you can try bringing up the shadow detail in the upper section if data is available (ie not pure black). If shooting to your histogram that should tell you if you have lost data at the lower end.

As it stands it is top heavy and unbalanced. There is no detail in the top half or anything of interest to the eye. I would suggest cropping (assuming you can't recover shadow detail) to create a bit more balance and hold the eye in the frame.

As a beginner this is a striking image - keep shooting and pay attention to all areas of the frame. Here's a quick crop to indicate what I feel is an improvement - please experiment yourself to find the composition that best suits your artistic taste.

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Alan suggestions are excellent, though I don't know if I would go so far as the crop he suggests. I brought up the shadows a bit to give some detail to the model's face and foot. The beauty of B&W editing is how far you can push the envelope without ruing an image.