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C-47 at Wings Over Miami

Bobby's picture of the DC3 inspired me to look up some shots I made many years ago at the Wings Over Miami air museum at Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport in Miami.

When I'm shooting cars at a show or this aircraft at the airport, I'm usually inclined to shoot abstract closeups that isolate parts of the subject instead of the whole thing as this also eliminates the unrelated backgrounds that typically accompany such environments.

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I like these, Phillip! Especially the first, with the strong forms (prop, engine, cowling, fuselage), all "cropped" and incomplete & so leaving us to imagine them more fully, in an energetic composition, against that mackerel sky backdrop.

Rich detail, and good composition too in the second. The lustre of the metal panels is particularly appealing. To be super-picky, I'd like to see the whole of the chock, and something about the tones in the tyre and the "window" between the undercarriage doors just doesn't feel right. I think it's (subjectively) excessive contrast between dark & light respectively. I've attempted to address this in the appended edit.

I'd be happy to have come home with either image!

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Oh, I know what you’re talking about in the second. The brake calipers are absolutely gleaming in the original shot and I had to reduce their brightness several stops to make it a little less objectionable.