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a field of dunes

Sometimes, our imagination takes us away from basic realities. And we need such a mind journey. So, is this photography depicts reality with a large field of sandy dunes?

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I don't know if it's reality, but I like it :)

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Actually, these landforms are ripple-marks, microshapes as high as something like 2cm. A little strealflow as the tide is going down, wants to stay in connection with the sea. So, this is a basic microseascape photographied on a french northen sea bordure and not a wide desert landscape.

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Ohh interesting!!

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My suspicion is that you've portrayed reality accurately, David, and that the reality is rippled sand on a beach in oblique light, metres or at most tens of metres in extent. It also reminds me of flying over Afghanistan's mountains.

I love it.

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You're totally right!

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I like what's going on here. You have a great eye for sure.

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Thank you so much Nnam!

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I live at the beach and sand is a favorite topic. Your image is really nice. It is all my favorites: black/white and abstract with nice composition, texture and light. Really nicely done.

If you don't mind, I will post a sand one of my one soon as I am excited to share this fun subject.