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BW Guitar

Photo shot a while back of wife's guitar, sort of a "found objects around the house" exercise, after she was done playing. Decided to go BW with it, and a hint of split tone.

[Edit] OK, so I greatly reduced the "highlight strip" down near the saddle. I didn't have another shot from this shoot without that highlight/ reflection, but there was enough information there for me to tone it down and still maintain a subtle amount of detail under those strings (i.e. the reflection of the Bridge and Saddle).

I'm liking it, what ya think...

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This is beautiful. I love the detail, particularly the wood grain being visible. the color choice is perfect, depth perfect
There is only the tiniest thing I could say and that is that there is a white band of reflection between the hole and the place where the strings attach at the end (I'm sorry I do think know what these are called) that I would darken. As my eyes travel down to strings into the image they stop there when I don't think it should be a stopping point. This is so small a thing because this is an excellent photo.

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Thanks much ruth.

Yeah, I agree about that reflection, not sure why I missed it when shooting, I could have simply flagged the light in that section. I may go back and remove it in PS ;)

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Lovely image Joe. I'm not sure about the light area at the lower end. I may not have noticed it until Ruth mentioned, but now that it's brought up I'm wondering if the image would be better if you did remove.
As it stands I feel my eye is being drawn down the strings and through to that light area - if it were darker I think my gaze may stop at the lighter, lower frets. I think it also provides an element of balance between upper & lower

I'd love to see both with & without side by side. I could be totally wrong on this and of course you/others could think the absolute opposite (which is OK).

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Thanks Alan, always appreciate your input.

I personally think it would be better if I removed or greatly reduced that reflected light, the reason why is because in this very tight crop I created if ones eye were to travel all the way down the strings it would end at the Saddle (the white strip where the strings are tied at the bottom of the instrument). For me, it seems like that extra strip of light kinda sticks out for no reason.

I may re-visit it, I will surely post a re-edited version.

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Sounds good Joe and I can appreciate your perspective, especially as ithe image doesn’t meet your initial intent.
I’m looking forward to the result.

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Hey Joe, the updated image does offer something different. I find in the new version my eye remains anchored on the lower frets.

In the first image, I do still feel that the light draws me through the frame - if you wanted to recreate this without the hotspot you could always try upping the whites on the saddle.

Both are great images, and for me, each telling a slightly different story. I find it intriguing that one small change can make so much difference.

Super work!

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Great image, Joe! Ruth put it well. Not sure about that lit strip; like Alan, I don't know if I'd have noticed it. It does punctuate the eye's travel down to the saddle, but I too can see it might help more than hinder. A comparison would be interesting. Note that the lit patch is the only thing anyone has suggested altering - amazing, for this lot, and an indicator of the quality of the image! ;-)

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Well put Chris - I agree with image quality and were it not for Ruth’s critical eye Joe would have had a home run 😊

I still love the way it is.......

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Hi Again - It's me trouble! ;)

So, I like it better without the bar of white but, unexpectedly, this image got a little drab looking without it. I may have been off base with this one. Or it needs a tiny bit of brightening. I am really interested to hear what the others think. Good grief it is such a beautiful image I hope i didn't make you fall out of love this it! I would be bummed!

PS - I have a thread right after this one about B&W abstracts. You should go give me a poke or two!

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Well, sorry to hear you are still undecided, that happens sometimes. I am happy right where it is now as it is now presenting a stronger version of what I was trying to achieve with eye movement. Also, reducing that bright spot simplified an unnecessary and abrupt detail in the image.

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Yea - I'm so happy. And I agree. Best wishes!