Thoughts of any kind welcome.

I wanted to try out some small scale focus stacking, and finally got around to it this past week. Due to petals of the flowers opening as the shoot progressed, this piece (as well as others) didn't do as well as I had hoped. So I know and you can see some unfortunate artifacts and misalignments which muck up...

Roadside marshland, Ozello

I'd heard of a few places on Florida's Gulf coast that might have some good photo opportunities, so I drove over one afternoon to see what I could find. This marshy spot on the side of the road near Ozello showed some promise, so I dunked my boots in the mud and came away with some images to work on. I like this one the best, but I'm still...

Getting ready...

I was at a portrait workshop and these youngsters were preparing to pose for a group shot. I treated the whole thing like a street photography event, so I grabbed this shot prior to their actual posing. B&W conversion in Silver Efex Pro2.

Stairs to Nowhere

I played with the greens before converting this. I hoped it helped get more contrast and detail as the original is almost entirely green. even the stairs are covered in moss.

Preference for the perspective?

Feedback welcome!


Hi All,

I'm looking for a 'this or that' feedback on these two groups. Plus - overall feedback more than welcome!

This is a fountain that I like to visit whenever I stop by the Vietnam Memorial at PNC. The dogwood behind it was blooming and it made for a lovely scene. I'm trying to reduce the mass of images in the archive though....

Quiet Time

Had the pleasure of hanging out with joe Cole the other morning, here's one from the Reservoir we shot at. Quiet, misty scene out there, this group of deadwood somehow stood out of the fog. I liked how this one fallen tree was like a 'strike-thru' to all of the other verticals.

[edit] I also saw this as almost two compositions: 1) the...

Testing some new presets

Hi, first post here.

I messed around with the filmic module and the color zones module of Darktable, and I really like the output.

The filmic module is supposed to make a picture look like if it was shoot on film.

The color zones module has a nice preset called "black and white film".

I think their combination is...

Corinthian Columns

These elegant crafted Corinthian Columns were surely the pride of this once stately farm house in Middle Georgia. The house is not antebellum, rather it was built in the late 1800s but obviously influenced by the antebellum era.

Three styles of Roman Columns were used in the design of antebellum houses - Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian....

This old house (feedback appreciated)

I find that old, and often abandoned buildings have so much character. This is one I shot this week and would love to hear feedback, whether positive or negative.

Following feedback, I offer 2 new versions taken from a slightly different angle. I feel that these give a better perspective of the house. Preferences?

Painting the Ocala water tower

Six years ago I was driving past the Ocala water tower and noticed some work being done from a scaffold suspended from the side of the tank. I detoured for a better look and noticed a foreman on the ground and asked a few questions. He explained the process and I asked if it would be okay for me to take a few photos of the guys working aloft...