The Chisos

It is rare to catch these striking mountains cloaked in early morning fog.
Hike to them in dry western Big Bend Texas camp out and perhaps you can catch this effect in early spring.
West Texas is pretty dry and parched.

First one to the party!

Out of the sea climbs a living fossil. It is mating season for horseshoe crabs and they do this during the full moon. Literally 10s of thousands will come out of the sea onto the beach to mate and then crawl back in. (And we count them. 1, 2, 3, 2127, ... thank goodness for volunteers!) These interesting animals have been here since before the...

Full Moon over Philadelphia

Taken from my driveway in Delaware County Pennsylvania, just south of Philadelphia. Luckily the flight patterns from PHL International were directly in my shooting path. This was actually shot during early dusk so I underexposed the sky and when I converted it to B&W I tuned the blue tone luminance down which made it look like evening....


As it was just Mother's Day here in the US I managed to snag the floral bouquet sent to my wife and have a bit of fun.
This is a pink carnation, focus stacked to provide DOF and converted to highlight the form.

Feedback from all (whether new to photography or an expert) encouraged.

Thunderous flow

I visited a mountain brook last weekend and water was gushing due to the spring thaw and rain we've had recently. This is one of the more intimate images I took that day.

All constructive feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Edit #1
Following comments and further review, I decided to go in a different direction - gone are the...


Ghana beauty model @naomi_zibor from model agency @KS_Models_Atyrau HMUA: @beatris_centerkrasoty. Clam shell lighting using a Profoto D2 with 3X2' softbox and B1X with beauty dish with grid. Camera: Hasselblad H6d50c Lens: HC 150mm f/8.0 @1/320 Edited on @EIZO