Tree reflection falling on water waves prompted me for this composition and frame. was taken about 30 minutes past sunrise.
Faced couple of challenges. The sky was absolutely plain. Could not understand how to make it complementing the water. Second, even manually focusing and using all the tricks, did not get the desired sharpness for...


The amazing model Ingvill McGillivray-Birnie
Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie
HMUA: Ingvill McGillivray-Birnie

Descent into Darkness

I captured this image in Grand Central Station. I observed the people as they made their way down the stairs and moved by the light and shadows, particularly the latter which I thought helped to create a mysterious mood.

First weekend with a classic Zeiss

I recently (finally) picked up a late 1950s Exa camera, and with it the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58 that I've been wanting for quite some time. It was a Soviet clone, the Helios 44, that got me started in using vintage lenses on digital, and anyone who has used one understands. These are a few photos from the first two rolls of film I ran...

A walk in the rain part 1

A street scene taken as light rain was falling. I was inspired by the angles and sharp leading lines, waiting for the perfect subject to stroll through the desired part of the image was the major challenge.

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Rower at Head of the Indian Creek Regatta, Miami Beach

I happen to be in Miami Beach a few years ago when this regatta event was happening. I was able to walk around looking for interesting angles and at one point I was shooting down from a bridge overpass as the rowers passed under me. The early morning light offered excellent contrast.

Long Exposure at Event

These photos were captured at an air show at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. Photos were captured with 30 second exposures with nearly 100,000 people around.


Inviting Critical comments.

A small hike. serene glimpse at the end at height and all efforts paid off. Its located at Northern part of Karnataka, India. a well dotted place in tourist circuit.

Krista, Boca Raton

This is from a very early session with this model from when I lived in Miami. We've worked together even since I moved to central Florida as she has friends in the area that she visits from time to time.

Affordable AirBnb

Another cell in Eastern State Penitentiary, high mid-day sun creates a dramatic light shaft, accentuating the dilapidation.

The Chisos

The most dramatic and awesome site I know in Texas is The Chisos !!
It is made more dramatic with a rare morning fog. Fog is not often in West Texas and was worth the early hike and wait.

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing, and he want to play with me. He was looking through broken wall, that very moment I show him I feel that an Angel watching me, and immediately I took my Camera to capture the moment. It was really a beautiful moment I ever had...

Repost of Oil and Water

This image had some banding issues. I think I have it fixed and thought I'd try it out again. It is oil floating on water in low light. I was going for a very abstract black and white image with just the edges and lines of the oil visible.

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