Mothers Little Helper

Taken in Mexborough ...UK .
Fuji XT-1

I wish to also thank everyone who took the time to look at my shoots..
Currently in UK but heading home back to Toronto ...soooooon


Opportunity to Reshoot

Hello all,

I love shooting graveyard statues. These are two favorites. I have to opportunity to visit this location again and am hoping to get some suggestions for improvements. All thoughts and ideas welcome!

Even your own additions of this type of image for ideas and inspiration are welcome.

The Tree of Life

The DNA of the National Museum of Natural History - BluPrint. Looking up at the Tree of Life structure and dome which now covers the central courtyard of the adaptive reuse of the original Antonio Toledo-designed building, by Dominic Galicia Architects and Periquet Galicia, Inc.

A hybrid system of a single layer shell and trusses is...

New upload - "in step"

This image was captured on a beach in Maine. Sea fog enveloped the beach for a while with sunlight filtering through to provide such beautiful lighting.

As always, feedback is gratefully received.

I Found an Old Boat

This old boat is sitting on a hillside in a meadow. It is totally rusted out and has a big hole in the bottom. It was late in the day and the boat sitting in a field with the setting sun captivated me. These are my favorites of the series.

Feedback welcome!

"The Honeymoon Suite" and clouds, Cedar Key

This was one of the most photographed structures on the Gulf Coast of Florida until its eventual demise at the hands of a hurricane a few years ago. I photographed it a few times over the years and each time it was leaning just a little bit closer to the water. Now nothing remains but the photos made by thousands of people who have visited...

Railroad museum textures

I visited the Georgia State Railroad Museum, AKA the Roundhouse Museum, in Savannah many years ago and was intrigued by the many, many textures available to photograph. If you like rust and peeling paint and dust, this is the place to see.