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Album cover I shot and created this week for a album titled GooPrint using a mixture of digital painting, compositing, c4d. He wanted something high end feeling but bloody. So I decided to go more abstract portraiture with it. The negative space is for type just incase anyone ws thinking there was wasted space. Excited to make the rest of the album, it'll incorporate bloody polaroids from his time in jail.

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Neat job! I like it!
The only thing that slightly trow me off is the plane perspective. Could just be me, but looks like the 'floor' should be slightly more horizontal. But as said, could just be me.

Awesome! Now that Mauro has said that, the perspective kind of hits my eye wrong a little bit as well. But so good! Would love to see a "making of".

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I think it’s a case of him being thrown off by the randomness of the overall shapes. It’s supposed to be angled cuts not just perfectly clean slices. But if you look at his mouth line compared to the blood for example they are perfect. The cut above that is meant to be somewhat angled. Now that he mentioned it, it’s basically like when someone says the lines of a song wrong and suddenly that’s what you hear

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yep! You got it! The mismatch between some of the lines and with the plane. The phenomena you mentioned was studied by Ash with lines - Asch conformity experiments - :)

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Wow.....Very nice