Defining Minimalist and Abstract Photography

This board is new and the topics of minimalism and abstract are new to many of us and therefore, there have been questions about what ‘fits’ the theme. Here are some basic descriptions of these two styles. There are no hard and fast rules to guide these styles and therefore, their interpretation is subjective. Please feel free to give your...

Back in the Inky Business Again

Hi All, I'm back to playing with ink and water again and still no luck on clarity. Per past feedback, I increased my depth of field. I got more light. I didn't use a flash though as I have so many lights set up. But, obviously something it still not working. And it is such a bummer because I am really getting some cool stuff. Check these out...

9 too many?

Not quite minimalism, definitely got some texture, if not appropriate for this group feel free to cleanse with fire.

Another boring day with the camera last week, found this little window interesting with great paint peel all around it. Now the question, which crop do you like?

(unedited shot at the bottom)

Unlimited colors

This is a photo of the edge of a metal sign with the sun reflecting in it, it looks like a reflection on a CD but it's not. It is a metal sign on the front of a building in Odaiba, Japan. I think it looks quite abstract.


Critical comments invited.

A pitstop during a tiring hike at a coffee estate. It has a lot to offer besides much needed rest. Invitation from an old door expressing its colors and shadows in harsh mid-day sun. leaves an impression long lasting.

Abstract Painting Blue, Black and White

I do abstract painting which I then photograph. I have sold the photographs for light box and digital displays. While some may say that taking a photograph of a painting is cheating, I make the paintings for the purpose of photographing them so it is all part of the single process of producing a piece of art.

Usually I make a large piece...

Basking in the sun

This was taken on the first real day of Spring - warm and with an almost clear warm sky. When hiking I came across this couple on a bench. Waiting for a good angle the man threw his arms and head back to catch a bit of sun.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, whether good or bad. All are appreciated, all I ask for is sincerity....


I've been experimenting with long exposures lately. This was shot earlier today using a 10 stop ND filter for 13 seconds at F8 and ISO 200.

Opinion Please

Opinion Please !!! Colour or BW ?

A pit stop while Hiking at the coffee estate. An old door invites to show its expressions. Mid-day sun gives the opportunity of admiring the shadow. Result of all this is being shared.

Finding an Abstract

I get a lot of comments that people would like to try abstracts but they don't "see" them when they are out with their cameras. In the vein of promoting abstract photography, here is an example of finding an abstract.

Start with something that you think might work like the first photo of chipping paint. This is where people usually stop...

Aftermath - Phoenix

A fact of Australian life is the reality of bushfires in this dry country. Part of the National Park in The Grampians in western Victoria had just reopened, following a couple of seasons of being allowed to regrow after being ravaged by such fires.

I was on my way to a waterfall, when this beautiful pattern caught my eye. Fire is a part...

Moon & Jupiter

Like the Milky Way, very familiar celestial forms that are hard to do "differently" and stand out, but still extraordinarily beautiful and awe-inspiring, reminding me of my insignificance in the Great Scheme of things.

a few pieces of a landscape on saturday afternoon

These hills are locally called Les Bondons. It is located in a remote place in France. The blue clay layers are surrounded by soft white limestones. The green colors of trees are, I think, in balance with the composition.I think...,3.6135368,3a,35y,237.84h,92.09t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!...