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Ignoring the grand view to capture the details

I took this shot during sunrise at Niagara Falls. The limited colors and contrast from the shadows to the orange glow worked well for me. I also love the rim light and small water drops.

Thanks for the invite to the group!

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Welcome Michael ... Well done!

This works so well for me because it is not a straight out silhouette. The angled light hitting here and there gives this beautiful dimension. It gives great texture to the rock as well. The colors are beautiful! And the drips of water on the metal - nice!

I was thinking that putting the grate higher in the image would feel better so I did a screen capture as a test. I like it but it is just a suggestion. The image works really well as is. (PS - hope this is OK. We do this a lot here to help illustrate a point.)

Two thumbs up on this one!

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now that I can see them side by side, I'm not so sure. What do you think?

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I'm a fan of a lot of negative space, but in the example it becomes too much and draws the eye which I don't want.
Totally fine with the ideas and suggestions :)

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Good one, Michael! Ruth put it well about the image's pleasing aspects. Regarding her framing suggestion, though, I'd be tempted to tip the camera UP very slightly, if anything, as there's a bit of solid black at the bottom (at least on my monitor), whereas more sky would allow me to revel in that glow & its nuances.