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This picture is titled guess as I want to invoke a conversation on what everyone sees within this photograph. I will make it known what the picture is afterwards. I've attempted to incorporate geometric patterns along with textures. I look forward to hearing where your imagination takes you.

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I can see how you would see that, but nope. Not a basketball.

nose of an animal .. perhaps a dog.

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Close, but no. =)
However, since you were so close I'm going to go ahead and say what it is.

Its the pad of my dogs foot.

Good eye.

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Very interesting Brandon! I thought this was the orange and black skin of a gila monster. Great capture of an everyday thing and turning it into a well done abstract. Your use of DOF, texture and exposure combined with the 'swoop' creates a nice composition to an abstract - something that evades many.

Well done!

PS - Please consider commenting on other work in the group. We seem to have a lot of posting and little commenting. It would be great to have your support for other members of group! Thanks!

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Thank you! I had to look up gila monster. I'd love to get a picture of one of those in their natural habitat. Don't believe we have any naturally living in TN except for maybe the zoo.

I will be sure to attempt to make some comments on others work maybe later today. I'll cut out some time today to support others in the group.

Also, thanks for the kind words. This was one of the first pictures I had taken with my new Macro lens, which is why I was thrown off by you liking the DOF. As I said before, I'm no professional and I just photograph what I see.

However, I don't really know what makes a professional? Pay? The will to reach that dangerous spot to get that picture? << I've done that way too many times.