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Resting Turtle

Yesterday at the river I came across this turtle resting. I did not realize he was looking at me until after I came home and reviewed my photos. I'm going to list this as abstract. The lines, the textures the surrounding moss along with the broken shell sitting on the edge of his shell.

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I like this sort of moment you've captured with the turtle, and the contrasts of the feathery soft green moss with the bold yellow black shell pattern is subtly striking.

It did take me a moment to figure out where the turtle's head was. I wonder if you considered cropping in a good deal closer, to simplify the storytelling of the image and help draw our eye to the turtle's eye. (My suggestion below is probably too much - I'm a bad one for overcropping.)

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Thanks for the comment. I can see where you're coming from with the cropping, thing is though, when I seen the turtle I honestly wasn't sure if it was alive or not, there are a lot of empty shells around here. I didn't want to disturb it if it was in fact alive. I thought the whole picture, well mostly should be included to get the full feel of the area it was resting.

I also really wanted to keep the broken seashell that is resting on the turtles shell in the pic as well. I found that really interesting.

I kinda feel if I was to zoom in on mainly just the eye it would tell a different story than what I was attempting. Not a bad idea though so feel free to download the photo and give it a shot. Fair use.

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Thanks, Brandon. I agree - if "Hey, he's looking at me!" isn't the story you're trying to tell, then the crop I suggested probably isn't the one that you want.