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Alan Brown's picture

Breaking wave

It's been kinda quiet on here the past few days so I thought I'd offer something up in the hope of generating discussion.

This is further image of the sea, attempting to capture the beauty and motion of waves forming that is typically missed by the naked eye.

hand held 1/13th second, f22 ISO 100

All sincere thoughts/comments/suggestions appreciated.

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Joe Svelnys's picture

Gorgeous motion, colors and tones. Very nice!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Joe. As the scene changes so rapidly it did take an amount of practice to get the timing and composition right, but a lot of fun and well worth the investment in effort.

Joe Svelnys's picture

I agree completely. Though I don't live that far from the ocean, I have not been in almost 30 years. We just had a big storm roll through last week and people were gathering getting shots of giant waves hitting lighthouses. I should have gone as well. :)

Bruce Grant's picture

Powerful, yet subtle and peaceful in a way. Pretty awesome how some elements on the left are frozen and the right is in motion.

Alan Brown's picture

That's a darn good point Bruce. The sharpness is of course controlled by both the differing motion between the elements together with the motion of the camera during the shot (my, how this gets complicated....).

Throughout shooting (many images) I did make a conscious effort to try and move the camera in a way that complemented the flow, but I can't honestly say in this instance whether that occurred and if so how it may have impacted the result.

This is why so many shots have to be taken with this type of work - plan as much as you can but the rest is up to chance!