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Douro River reflection (updated)

I have a little down time on my travels and I occasionally think of this group when I'm shooting.

Due to Dean suggestion and editing a personal photo book on Porto via shutterfly (softcovers are shite, do hardcovers), I've added a second edited shot below.

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I really like the reflected color combination in this, Charles; it all works together so well. Had to look up the Douro River so learned something new as well.


This just have me an idea.

What would your photograph look like if there was only reflection AND flipped upside down?

As suggested, although I couldn't crop fully as it impacts the composition.

Actually I was thinking of a complete reshoot. Mainly because it's the composition.

I did a composition earlier this week and the idea was good, but the composition was weak. A simple crop to take out the offensive part and it worked.

OK - done!

Thanks for posting this Charles, it acts as a reminder of how successful reflections can be. I have taken on occasion in the past, but often overlook when opportunities arise.
I like this shot but get drawn to the non-reflection elements at the top. I tend to agree with Dean on that point.

Here's a couple that may provide ideas for folks - it's quite fun walking down a street and focusing solely on reflection in windows.

BTW - a polarizer can be a big help in removing glare and controlling the strength of the refection.

Love these two. Not sure why you put them here and not their own posts? lol

Thanks Charles, happy to hear that you like them. These are much older shots and I may well have posted in the past.

Got it. The second one could be out of a Dr. Who episode! (Sci-fi and aliens for those who aren't familiar with Who.)

Thanks for all the comments. I'm usually out and about and then pretty tired at the end of the day. Plus, I'm mostly just using my phone, etc. I'm writing this at 5am cause I woke up and can't sleep and suddenly remembered this post!

Very nice edit- colors, contrasts, shapes, textures. Just not sure about the reflection of the pier in the lower right corner. It feels too real rather than a reflection. Can you distort it a little or remove it?

Touche! It's actually not a reflection. Anyway, for anyone who isn't familiar with the first photo wouldn't be able to recognize it. I like the touch of "reality."