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March challenge - submit and engage

This month's challenge is quite simple. Following a recent lull in activity I'd like members to view March as a chance to re-engage.

The challenge is as following.

1- Submit a photo or discussion point for review. As always include details of any feedback you'd like to receive (eg critique or ongoing discussion).

2- check periodically and add a comment on each new discussion. This simple courtesy could be a simple "nice job" if uncomfortable with responses, or something more elaborate if you have opinions you are willing to share. This simple act confirms to members that their submissions are being seen by others.

I feel the more we engage the more members will get from the group, so it's a win-win. I'm looking forward to seeing submissions (and responding to each and every one....)

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I'm still unavailable to post all my new reflections photos from my trip. Next week.

Thanks for the heads up Charles, it's good to see you keeping active. No rush.


My high respect to you Alan:

According my impression you are the most active moderator here on fstoppers, facilitation and motivating the group!

Let's see what I can add here.


Thanks for your comment. Just know we are not looking for the exceptional, just something that may interest the group and encourage discussion.

I forgot to comment. I love this photo. Left to right, it goes from dark to light, clear to hazy and nebulous, in a triangle, sloping downward but not to the corner to the duck looking into the "mystery".

Thanks Charles, I do appreciate your motivational feedback.

I like the mood in this image.

Thanks John, and welcome to the group if new.

I believe that this months challenge achieved its goal to engage people to post more ...

It might be a good Idea to keep it running 'ad infinitum' (just repost it regularly, just to remind us) ?

It should not prevent 'regular' challenges to occur, though.

my 2c.

Thanks Ian. I would like to think that members will continue to be engaged in discussions but we’ll see.The more we engage the more others feel inclined to follow suit.