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Birdhouse ...

I was experimenting with the zoom burst technique on the birdhouse in our garden ...

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Looks good Ian, the pastel colors are very easy ion the eye and the effect not overpowering.

It's good to see you trying different techniques, and hope to see more in future.

Thanks !

That's pretty wild! (Though on my screen which is an HD TV and not a monitor, the bright green in the center seems like a watercolor splotch on an otherwise 'hazy' shot. Seems out of place. Maybe it's just my computer and screen?)

Thanks !

No you're right, there is a 'ball of fat' ? hanging in front of the birdhouse, to lure birds in .. that ball sits in a bright green net.
I will try the shot again sometime without it.

lol I guess I'm just being picky!

So pretty. The colors are lovely. It's abstract yet still able to see the essence of the birdhouse.

Thanks !

2 more attempts at zoom burst .. however I seem to struggle to repeat the effect of the first one.

I will keep on trying to see if I can consistently reproduce that.

Nice updates Ian. Incidentally, you will never be able to achieve consistent results with ICM techniques, but you may be able to get close with a level of practice and understanding.

In your first shot you either had a longer exposure or zoomed much faster. You may want to ensure you are on shutter priority (or manual) so at least you have control over that one variable.

I use Manual most of the time (99.9%). After writing the comment here, it dawned on me to check the settings for the photos, and it appeared that I had shutterspeed 1/2 and f14 on the first and 1/13 and f13 on the other two ... All of them ISO 100. I guess it was a brighter day on my 2nd attempt, why I couldn't get the shutter as low ..

that might explain something ;-)

Bingo- the combination of shutter speed, zoom speed and the range of zoom all play a significant role in the effect.

This is definitely worth experimenting with, if nothing more than to gain a better understanding for future shots.

I like the updates more than the original, Ian. I like how the birdhouse is more in focus with the effect affecting more of the surrounding area instead. Still great colors too.

Thanks !